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At Casa de Corazón®, part of our mission is to provide socially responsible education to our children. One way we achieve this is by interacting and connecting with our surrounding communities through building partnerships and encouraging participation in local events. We invite you to join in these adventures as we continue our intercultural learning outside of the classroom. Check back often to see what kind of new activities we have in store!


Día de Los Reyes

January 5, 2018

We are celebrating Día de Los Reyes! Children in Latin America and Spain receive the majority of their Christmas gifts from the Three Kings at Christmas. Before going to bed, the children place their old shoes with a wish list on top for the Three Kings. In the morning, the shoes are filled with toys and gifts. Celebrate with us!


Chinese New Year Celebration

February 16, 2018

Our students have loved learning more about the Chinese culture this year. Come in and join us for fun activities and delicious food as we Celebrate the Chinese New Year! For more event updates, follow us on Facebook.


Holi Festival Celebration

March 2, 2018

We're so excited to celebrate one of India and Nepal's most colorful Festivals! The Holi Festival signifies the victory of good over evil and celebrates the arrival of spring! Join us for this one-of-a-kind cultural experience as we play and laugh our way into the new season. Stay up-to-date on all of our events by following us on Facebook!