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      Pervasively Progressive

      “This is just one of the innumerable reasons we absolutely love Casa de Corazón!  Congratulations on being so pervasively progressive – and for underscoring these incredibly important values for our children.  We are thankful for you each and every day!”

      Incredibly happy parents of Esmé,
      – Jen and Derrick, Edina

      Wonderful Child Care Experience

      “Thank you both so much for not only offering such a wonderful child care experience, but for making sure that the staff is rewarded, recognized and supported in the work they do.  They all provide such a loving and fun enviornment for our kids every day that I’m extremely thankful their workplace is professional and caring as well.”

      – Trephaena, Edina

      Incredible Teachers

      “First of all, I want to thank you for the incredible work you and your staff do at Casa de Corazón. I have been so pleased to have Grace at Casa Edina since June, and feel so comfortable leaving her in the care of her incredible teachers in the Toddler B room. Mayrani, Samantha, and Ada are so loving and caring, and I know Grace is thriving in their care. Early on, I was a bit concerned with the high teacher turnover rate in her room, but I realize that this was unusual.

      I have been going through some serious health issues the past year, so to know Grace is so well taken care of during the day means everything to me. Thank you for providing a work environment that supports such wonderful teachers! And I have been very impressed with Hannah and so pleased with her communication and involvement with the kids. Just wanted you to know that Grace and I are very fortunate to be a part of the Casa family!”

      – Christy, Edina

      Heartfelt Thanks

      “I wanted to say heartfelt thanks for all of the amazing work that Cecilia, Belen, Marisela, Isabel, and everyone at the center has done (and continues to do!) with Ellie.  We went to the Minnesota Zoo this weekend, and she was waving at everyone, blowing kisses at monkeys, and actually asked for agua and pointed at my water bottle when we were sitting down for lunch.  It is absolutely amazing to watch her develop, and we are so appreciative of the love and support you provide Ellie.”

      – Cate, Edina

      Wonderful Community

      “I just wanted to send a quick note and let you know how appreciative we are of the Infant B teachers. I know kids go through many transitions and moving onto the toddler room is just a little one comparative to the big picture, but we have truly enjoyed our time with these teachers.

      They have all been amazing and when I picked up Nolan today he received a book, blanket and amazing notes from this teachers that shared special memories they have of him.  I remember Jack receiving a little book as well but to read the notes was absolutely touching as these teachers spend so much time with our little ones and to see the amount of love they have for our children is amazing.

      Gloria especially has a connection with Nolan that is truly unique and as a mother to know someone was caring for him and able to comfort him made it so much easier to leave him there each day.

      I am only sharing my thoughts because I truly believe you have special teachers and staff at Casa de Corazón. It is a wonderful community to be a part of, and we have enjoyed our experience here with both Jack and Nolan.  We can’t thank you enough!!  We have expressed our thoughts with the Infant B teachers, but please let them know they are a great TEAM!”

      – Kris, Nick, Jack and Nolan, Edina

      The Level of Detail

      “I was so impressed with the level of detail during Cali’s conferences yesterday. I really appreciate that Marta and Hector took the time to go over her progress and focus on such positive outcomes. It really means a lot and we are so happy with the progress Cali has made in the short time with the school. To think, she started at the end of Oct. – and in six months, the amount of Spanish, new friends and the educational challenge she has received has been outstanding. We just love everything about the school! I could go on and on about how much we appreciate the work your staff does. From the moment we walk in – you and Alex are there every single day smiling and greeting us at drop off and pick up. Cali runs to you both for a hug nearly every day. That speaks volumes. We’ve been with another center in the past – and I hope you know small things do make a very big difference. Everything about the experience from the aesthetics (Spanish music playing, front desk, etc) to organic, healthy lunch and most importantly – the amazing teachers in her class. Cali has a strong personality and while we love that about her – it can be challenging 🙂 Marta and Hector are outstanding with her. We really, really appreciate the teamwork. Thanks for loving and caring for our daughter to set her up for success for her future.”

      – Alicia, Maple Grove

      Big Difference

      “We absolutely love the program, teachers, classmates, facility, etc. Thank You for all you have done. Your program has made a big difference in the little boy Liam is today. :)”

      – Kelli, Maple Grove

      A Blast Throughout

      “We feel so blessed that Harper has spent the last six months at Casa de Corazón.  His time there has been such a special experience during a very critical time in his learning and development.  He has grown so much while in your care and had a blast throughout.  We are sad that he will be unable to continue with you through his preschool years and would feel extremely lucky to find another comparable center for him in our new home. Ms. Melissa, Ms. Yeni, Ms. Lizveth and Ms. Amparo are such wonderful teachers and caregivers.  It is evident just how much he adores them everyday when we drop him off and pick him up.”

      – Kristen, Maple Grove

      Exceptional at Remaining Professional

      “I am very pleased with the care and education that Liliana is receiving at Casa de Corazón.  The teachers in Preschool B have been very good to her in a very transitional time over the last year.  The team at Kingfield has been exceptional at remaining professional and supportive during a trivial time in my family’s life… I want the entire Kingfield team to know that I am extremely happy with the service they have provided my family over the last 4 years. 

      Wendy, thank you for the wonderful leadership you have provided teachers.”

      – Jessica, Minneapolis

      Love All the New Changes

      “You guys:  can I just tell you how much I love the new curriculum?  It’s been so reinforcing for some really timely lessons we are trying to teach at home, like teeth brushing, and water safety. And just last night, Kivrin went to bed hungry because she wouldn’t eat any of my eggplant parmesan!  So any vegetable encouraging is much appreciated.

      In fact, I pretty much love all the new changes.  Keep up the great work.  Thanks!”

      – Tara, Minneapolis

      So Grateful

      “We feel so lucky that Kate has had such loving teachers in both Infant B and Toddler A.  We are so grateful that she is at Casa de Corazón!”

      – Alissa, Minneapolis

      Our Second Home

      Casa is our second home and part of our family. We never dreamed we would feel so connected to the people at casa that care for our children. We’ve been fortunate to work with so many of them that they really do feel like part of our family. They have been so instrumental in the development of our children. [Our children] absolutely love coming to “school” and adore their teachers as well. So do we. We see the love that is shared with our children every day and it makes us so happy. We can’t imagine having them in any other place. Somos casa siempre.”

      -Edina Parent