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      New COVID-19 Implementations

      Author: Mallory French

      Temperature Kiosks

      With the cold and flu season upon us and continuing pandemic, we are implementing a Temperature Kiosk that has an infrared thermal camera to take the most accurate temperature reading for all of our staff members, children, and parents/guardians entering the building. The process will remain the same, except instead of an administrator taking a person’s temperature, they will be required to stop at the tablet just past the front door for a temperature screening. It will show the temperature in green writing on the tablet if they are cleared to enter. It will show in red writing if they have an elevated temperature, and if this happens, we ask that the person waits for assistance from an administrator. This tablet keeps a record only when an elevated temperature is detected. 

      There is also a new sign on our front door which serves as our wellness check. We know and believe that all of us want to keep one another safe, and therefore trust that all families will read through the list of symptoms.

      They are as follows:

      Do not enter the building if you have 1 of the following symptoms: new/onset/worsening of cough, difficulty breathing, a new loss of taste or smell, or fever over 100 degrees Fahrenheit,

      Do not enter the building if you have any 2 of the following symptoms: sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chills, muscle pain, excessive fatigue, new onset of severe headache, or new onset of nasal congestion or runny nose. 

      Each person must pass the wellness check before entering to have their temperature taken. With the cold weather upon us, it may be helpful to keep this list on your phone by using the Home Screening Tool from MDH and doing this in the car before coming to the front door.

      We understand with the cold and flu season coming that these symptoms may get complex. We are working alongside our RN Consultant as well as attending workshops that MDH and DHS are providing on how child care centers can best work through that. 

      We want to also remind you to please wear a mask upon entering the center, bring your key card to open the center door, stop at the temperature kiosk, and be sure to social distance whenever possible inside of the center. Also, please remember that parents are not allowed in the classrooms or our center bathrooms at this moment. Drop off and Pick up should occur at the classroom door.

      Face Shields

      Our face coverings have recently changed at Casa. Under the direction of MDH and Governor Walz, we have implemented face shields. These are used in the classrooms only in closed groups. Teachers are still wearing masks when outside the classroom, in the hallways, or outside of the facility.

      At Casa, we are always researching and considering the best options for our children and teachers. As part of their social, emotional, cognitive, and linguistic development, it is critical that children view faces throughout the day. This helps them recognize the faces of teachers as well as view lip movements to learn language. When children see a teacher or parent smiling, they smile back!