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      If you are having issues submitting a form, please email your information to [email protected]

      The environment your child learns in can make a big impact in their comprehension and retention of information. Casa de Corazón offers an unmatched enriched learning environment near the Minneapolis, MN, area. We’re an intercultural, Spanish-immersion center with professional childcare providers who look after infants, toddlers and children up to the age of 5. Our curriculum incorporates enrichment learning programs, which produce well-rounded children with a healthy confidence and social skills. This type of encouraging atmosphere provides a fun and engaging experience for preschoolers who get to partake in a variety of activities, from weekly swimming lessons to field trips. Meet our staff and take a tour around our facility to see for yourself what our enriched learning environment is all about.

      Our Enriching Educational Experiences

      We understand how important enriched educational experiences are for young children, so we’ve put together a curriculum that promotes engagement. Your child will be encouraged to explore various topics and take an interest in new subjects through their participation in fun activities. They will build on the skills they gain via enriched learning experiences as preschoolers as they progress through elementary school and into higher education. Our caregivers spend one-on-one time with each child and have a positive effect on their learning.

      These are some of the enrichment learning programs they will participate in:

      Fun Activities All Year Long:

      We provide many kinds of enriched learning experiences that allow your child to expand their knowledge through fun programs like:

      • Parents are always welcome to volunteer
      • Special celebrations and birthday surprises
      • Cultural celebrations throughout the year
      • Family appreciation events, like Grandparents’ Day

      Engaging Activities with Surprise Guests

      Local Minneapolis, MN, artists and community leaders are invited to share their talents and information. The kids learn about social responsibilities via enriched educational experiences including:

      • Annual PACER center puppet show that teaches acceptance and understanding of children with disabilities and chronic illnesses
      • Annual Trike-a-thon to show support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
      • Interactive activities with local artists, dance instructors and community members
      • Preschoolers go on community field trips like local co-ops and the Mill City Museum

      Entertaining and Interactive Media

      In today’s tech-savvy world, it’s crucial for children to know how to navigate and respect interactive media. A structured approach to technology gets them ready for school and offers support in their future learning endeavors. These enriched learning programs include:

      • Educational games are offered on limited computer time to our oldest preschoolers
      • Preschoolers first learn to interact with technology through limited time exploring iPads
      • School-age children are given plenty of homework help and supplemental school support
      • SMART table technology is used to maximize learning at the school-age level

      Enroll Your Child in Our Learning Program

      Our enriched learning experiences for children are ranked among the best in Minneapolis, MN. Casa de Corazón is committed to offering more than the basics when it comes to your children’s education. We provide an enriched learning environment that includes skill-building activities, celebrations and an introduction to technology. Our intercultural, Spanish-immersion center invites you to learn more about enrollment. Call us at (414) 436-9227 to schedule a tour of our classrooms.