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      If you are having issues submitting a form, please email your information to [email protected]

      Every parent would agree that once your child is born, they become your first priority. You want to have the ability to provide everything for them, and education isn’t any different. Great early childhood education begins with your child’s infancy, which is why Casa de Corazón® has created a unique curriculum that is integral for our infant childcare services. Our daycare for newborns is something that every family in Centennial Lakes, MN, can appreciate. The teachers that we have on staff are committed to providing your infant an atmosphere that they’re safe and welcome to. They have your child’s best interests in mind and love to see them grow and develop both physically and mentally.

      At Casa de Corazón®, our infant care centers inspire your child’s curiosity and desire to learn through songs, games, play time and reading circles. Every activity we plan for your infant has an objective to it, and they’re all part of enriching the life of each child in our infant care center.

      When your infant participates in infant care at Casa de Corazón®, they benefit from:

      • The true-care connection with our instructors
      • Fresh, organic food
      • Outside time through buggy rides and a private infant play yard where they have a safe environment to explore
      • Small group care for individual attention
      • Learning language through pre-verbal baby sign, Spanish songs and games
      • A friendly, conducive environment for learning

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      We know how critical an early education can be for your infant, and families in Centennial Lakes, MN, can benefit at Casa de Corazón®. We provide affordable infant care so that your infant has an opportunity to learn and develop in a conducive atmosphere. You’ll be satisfied knowing that your infant will be in excellent hands from day one when they come into our infant care center in Centennial Lakes. For families that are interested in enrolling their infants in our childcare program, we invite you to take a tour of our facility. Give us a call at 952-846-8656 to get started today.