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      Spanish Immersion Full Day School-Age Care in Maple Grove

      Fun, friendships, and discovery flourish in an engaging atmosphere at the Casa de Corazón® Full Day School-Age Program!

      This unique Spanish immersion program is unlike any other e-learning support Maple Grove has to offer. Participation in the Casa de Corazón Full Day School-Age Program is open to children in grades K-6.


      Healthy brains and bodies grow with:

      • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks prepared on location with organic ingredients
      • Outdoor activities including walking tours, park visits, and free play on our playground
      • Intercultural classroom experiences and anti-bias education
      • SMART table technology to advance collaborative learning
      • Academic learning focused on literacy, math, science, art and speaking Spanish
      • Supplementary materials, books, and activities in English

      Spanish Immersion Curriculum

      Our unique curriculum is designed to foster creativity, confidence and critical thinking in school-age children. Casa de Corazón’sFull Day School-Age Program is appropriate as an introduction to Spanish or as a continuation of prior immersion experience.

      Amaze Curriculum

      The Amaze Curriculum encourages open, meaningful conversations and promotes respectful discussions around diversity, acceptance, bias, and bullying. Amaze Curriculum aligns with academic standards, develops critical thinking, supports family engagement, and encourages inclusion.


      E-Learning Support

      Our teachers will guide your child through their e-learning curriculum and offer them any assistance they may need. We will also introduce the Spanish language if your child is a beginner or continue to work on their Spanish speaking skills if they have already started their bilingual journey!



      $954 per month ($220 per week)


      Available Hours

      Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM


      Maple Grove Location Only:
      8351 Elm Creek Blvd N
      Maple Grove, MN 55369