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      If you are having issues submitting a form, please email your information to [email protected]

      If you’re looking for an opportunity to make a difference in your community and you’re ready to put in the effort to do so, owning a franchise might be right for you. At Casa de Corazón, we are looking for franchisees in the Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue areas of Washington. Owning a franchise is rewarding for you as the owner, for the children you serve, and the community as a whole. With daycare, preschool, and other services, we focus on bilingual education that will enhance the lives of the children we are committed to.

      How Are Communities Improved With Our Franchises?

      Community is an important aspect of learning at Casa de Corazón. Because many of the children we serve live near our centers, we encourage franchisees to reach into their communities for involvement. We encourage supporting local businesses while promoting and hosting community events that will be inclusive of the entire neighborhood. These events are going to bring the community together physically and work toward stimulating the local economy.

      One of the big focuses at Casa de Corazón is bilingual education. By bringing bilingual education to your neighborhood, you help your community flourish. Bilingual individuals often earn more than their monolingual peers by anywhere from 1.5% to 3.8%. Bilingual students excel at certain things like executive control and attention span because they are taught at a young age to think critically while deciphering between the two languages. As bilingual speakers, students are more apt to resolve conflicts and effectively multitask. You can imagine what a difference these attributes would make in any Washington community.

      What Is Required To Own a Franchise?

      If you’re interested in owning a Casa de Corazón franchise in Bellevue, Seattle, or Tacoma, WA, there are some requirements you should be aware of. Although you don’t need previous childcare experience, a love for children and an interest in their wellbeing is always welcome. Some requirements include:

      • Financing – The initial investment of a Casa de Corazón franchise is between $1,791,500 and $2,432,000. You will also need financing or cash to purchase the real estate. We include some supplies with your franchise, but there are other supplies and equipment that you will need to purchase and finance personally.
      • Passion – Greater things are achieved when people have a passion for what they do. Whether it’s the business aspect you are passionate about or the childcare aspect that really makes you excited to own a franchise, passion will help you go far. Because bilingual education is so central to what we do and what we believe, you should strive to understand the benefits so you can develop a passion for that as well.
      • Experience – It’s not actually required that you have business or management experience, but it’s definitely not going to hurt. We prefer that you have previous experience in these areas, so you have somewhat of an understanding of what it takes to get a business off the ground and make it a success.
      • Energy – Working in an environment with children can sometimes be challenging. You must have great energy to work at Casa de Corazón, whether you’re a teacher or the franchise owner who is only around children on a limited basis. 
      • Leadership – It takes a great leader to make a franchise successful. Although we’ll be here every step of the way while you’re getting your franchise up and running, you’ll need those quality leadership skills to really push it forward to your grand opening.

      What Are the Steps of Becoming a Franchise Owner?

      Now that you know a little more about owning a Casa de Corazón franchise in the Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue areas, you’re better equipped to take the leap. If helping individuals create a greater community for the future sounds interesting to you, a franchise is probably a great option. To become a franchise owner:

      1. Fill out our “learn more” form, so we have your contact information
      2. Have a 15-20 minute phone discussion with a franchise specialist
      3. Read and become familiar with the FDD and Franchise Agreement
      4. Attend an interview
      5. Complete your application to purchase a franchise
      6. Join us on a Discovery Day
      7. Sign our franchise agreement

      Once you have completed these steps, a few more will cement your franchise in stone. The first step after signing the agreement is to attend training. There are specific measures and methods we use to ensure a proper bilingual education for our daycare and preschool students and our camp and enrichment activity attendees. After you’ve completed your training, you will need to purchase real estate and begin building. If you need any help with a real estate purchase, we are available to help every step of the way. Finally, our promotion ideas, ads, and signage are available so you can market your grand opening and experience its success!

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