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      If you are having issues submitting a form, please email your information to [email protected]

      Working with children is one of the most rewarding experiences of life. They are full of adventure and always eager to learn. When you’re a part of their development and learning, it makes you grow as well. At Casa de Corazón, we are always looking for new franchise owners willing to put forth the effort to improve their communities with a daycare and learning center that focuses on bilingual education. We are currently looking for franchise owners in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, and the surrounding areas of Colorado.

      How Our Centers Improve Your Communities

      At Casa de Corazón, we place a large emphasis on community. Most of our children live close to our centers, making them truly a community focus. We are committed to supporting local businesses and often host community events that get everyone together. By doing our part to stimulate the local economy, our friends and neighbors are more successful.

      Another way communities are supported at Casa de Corazón is through our commitment to bilingual education. Bilingual individuals often end up earning about 1.5-3.8% more than their monolingual counterparts. Their attention spans are typically stronger, and when it comes to executive control, bilingual students often outperform monolingual students. Students who learn two languages at an early age can often resolve conflicts easier and multitask effectively. With all of these skills out in the community of Denver, Aurora, and Lakewood, your communities are strengthened.

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      Become a Franchise Owner

      If improving your community one bilingual student at a time sounds like something that interests you, it’s time to look into owning a Casa de Corazón franchise. The process to become an owner in or around Denver, CO, includes:

      1. Completing the initial form to learn more
      2. Speaking with a representative over the phone
      3. Looking over the Franchise Agreement and FDD
      4. Being interviewed by our team
      5. Completing a franchise application
      6. Attending Discovery Day to see a center in action
      7. Signing the agreement

      After you have signed the franchise agreement, training will begin so you can learn all the ins and outs of our daycare and preschool education systems.



      You will then need to begin the building process, which includes finding the right real estate. We’re happy to look at some properties to help you through that as well. With our already-created signage, ads, and promotion ideas, you will have all the help you need to work toward an incredible grand opening.

      The qualifications for owning a Casa de Corazón franchise aren’t out of reach for anyone looking to improve their future communities by enhancing the lives of children today.

      Qualifications for Owning a Franchise

      In Aurora, Lakewood, Denver, and the neighboring cities, the qualifications to own a Casa de Corazón franchise include:

      • Meeting financial requirements – The financial requirements to own one of our franchises include the initial investment of between $681,000 – $2,447,000, as well as the cost of your real estate. There might also be some equipment you’ll need to finance on your own, though some supplies are included in the franchise purchase.
      • Having a passion for bilingual education – The earlier a child learns multiple languages, the easier it is for them to catch on. When you see how it works and truly begin to experience the benefits, this passion will grow.
      • Having business or management experience – While business and management experience isn’t required to purchase a Casa de Corazón franchise, it is preferred. There are several business aspects of running a preschool, daycare, and community center, so the more experience you have, the better.
      • Being ambitious and energetic – Working with children is not for the faint of heart. Owning a franchise is incredibly rewarding for a person with ambition. To be truly successful, you need both an energetic spirit and an ambitious attitude.
      • Having leadership and marketing skills – Getting a franchise up and running is a lot of work. Although we’ll help you through it, it’s essential that you can be a leader throughout the process and effectively market your facility and services.
      • What you aren’t required to have is childcare experience. Owning the franchise in Denver or the surrounding areas is more about the business side of the company, though if you enjoy being around children, you’ll probably be better off when it comes to decision-making and resolving conflicts that may arise.

      Contact Us To Learn More

      At Casa de Corazón, we are always looking for innovative, self-motivated, honest individuals who want child care opportunities for a franchise. With a quality brand and everything you need to get started, it’s easier than you might think to start a business in early childhood education. Contact us today via our request form, and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your franchise options.

      Make a Difference

      Our hands-on approach will help bridge the gap from your initial investment to the lifelong impact you can make in your neighborhood.

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      Are you ready to learn more about the Casa de Corazón franchise opportunity?

      Fill out the form and a member of our team will reach out to you.

        If you are having issues submitting a form, please email your information to [email protected]

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