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About Us

our story

Casa de Corazón® is a Spanish immersion early learning program committed to providing socially responsible education to our children in a healthy, compassionate, intercultural environment.
Our vision

To intentionally increase the social impact of early childhood education through impeccable standards of professional development, honest communication, mutual respect, community engagement, accountability, and innovation in a supportive and caring learning environment.

What is intercultural?

Intercultural is beyond multicultural, which is where multiple cultures coexist alongside one another. Intercultural is beyond cross-cultural, which is where cultures learn from one another.

In intercultural communities, we connect with one another in a reciprocal, mutual, and inclusive celebration of all cultures. We strive for equality, justice, and meaningful relationship building that allows us to honor our heritage while respecting others. While we learn from each other’s cultures, we may also examine our own culture more deeply. Through intercultural community engagement, we allow ourselves to be changed.

At Casa de Corazón, our mission is to provide inclusive, diverse daycare services within the communities we serve. Our staff members as well as our enrolled children and their families engage in our intercultural community. As a result of this engagement, our lives are permanently enriched.

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Merary Zubrzycki
Chief Operations Officer

Favorite Core Value: Bilingualism, I see it every day with my daughter Amelia, how powerful it is for her to be able to communicate in both languages even when at home the main language is English.

Job Responsibilities: Director Management, Licensing Supervision, Family Policies, Oversee Accreditation

Country of Origin: Mexico

Kelly Undlin
Franchise Development & Support Specialist

Favorite Core Value: Extended Family because I adore my Casa Familia and I would’ve never believed something like this existed in my home state of Minnesota 🙂  AND Healthy and Holistic Impact because I love being intentional about how our business affects Mother Earth.

Job Responsibilities: Franchise Development, Start Up Support, Operations Support

Country of Origin: United States

Jansel Hernandez
Culture & Innovation Catalyst

Favorite Core Value: Life-Changing Innovation. Because a large part of my work depends on creating initiatives that provide quality and innovation to Casa de Corazón and this is something I enjoy.

Job Responsibilities: Innovation, Big Relationships, Problem Solving, Culture, Philanthropy, Special Projects

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Javiera Royzman
Human Resource Specialist

Favorite Core Value: Hard to pick! I love our core value of Bilingualism as its important personally and I think it goes hand in hand with Pioneering Interculturality. I love being able to speak and teach Spanish to our students while also instilling value in learning about and respecting other cultures as well as their own!

Job Responsibilities: Policies, Compliance, Hiring + Visas, Volunteer & Intern Program, Onboarding & Orientation, Benefits

Country of Origin: Chile

Tammy Santander
Financial Administrator

Favorite Core Value: I have to choose Living Whole-heartedly as I see that as the foundation for all of our other core values. Coming from the non-profit sector, it was very important for me to find a company that aligned with my values and sense of mission to make the world better and more loving and that would put people over profits. I found the perfect fit with Casa and am so happy to put my whole heart into my work to partner with families to profoundly impact the world for children!

Job Responsibilities: Budgeting, Tuition & Fees, Payroll, Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable, Inventory

Country of Origin: United States

Mallory French
President & CMO

Favorite Core Value: Pioneering Interculturality! It is truly incredible to see the backgrounds, traditions, cultures, cuisines, and music that these teachers bring to the children. Having my son experience this first-hand and watching him learn and grow through Casa has been an amazing opportunity that I know will impact the rest of his life. Even something as simple as incorporating a country of the month into the curriculum will give these teachers the opportunity for them to share everything they love about their country with the children of Casa.

Job Responsibilities: Advertising & Public Relations, Brand Positioning & Strategy, Communications, Design, Project Management, Technology Development

Country of Origin: United States

Katie Herdan
Staff Development Coordinator

Favorite Core Value: My favorite Casa Core Value is Extended Family! The staff, children, and families of Casa hold a very special place in my heart. I love coming to work every day because I am at home with FAMILY. Whether it’s stopping by the classrooms for some love, having a friendly chat with a parent, or sharing a laugh with a coworker… SOMOS CASA.

Job Responsibilities: Events & Activities, Staff Development, Onboarding, Training

Country of Origin: United States

Early Learning | Casa De Corazon
Pablo Valero
Facilities Leader

Favorite Core Value: One of my favorites is interculturality because it gives me the opportunity to meet many people from other countries, and learn about their cultures, traditions, and food. This is very interesting and I enjoy it very much.

Job Responsibilities: Facility Management, Inventory, Center Menus, Director Support

Country of Origin: Mexico

Teacher | Casa De Corazon
Daniela Tablada
Internal Operations Manager

Favorite Core Value: I identify myself with all of Casa’s values and it is difficult to choose just one. But if I must, I will choose “Living Wholeheartedly” because this value names the way I pride myself to live, personally and professionally. I pursue to live with passion and put my heart into everything I do and at Casa, I have found a passion that I did not recognize before and a family that sees value in that and supports me every day.

Job Responsibilities: Oversee and Support Centers’ Daily Operations

Country of Origin: Honduras

Roxanna Kelley
Academic & Programming Coordinator

Favorite Core Value: Living Whole-heartedly! Casa de Corazón provides a nurturing environment that goes far beyond creating positive bonds between kids, families, and staff. Our Staff gives their best, extending values ​​and heart in everything they do, and that makes me feel proud to be part of the Casa Community.

Job Responsibilities: Curriculum, Gold Assessments, Events & Activities, Planning & Execution

Country of Origin: Mexico

Emily Wheeler
Marketing Coordinator

Favorite Core Value: Living-Wholeheartedly and Perpetual Growth. I believe that every child deserves a warm and welcoming environment to learn and grow in! In addition, I believe in giving students, teachers, and staff the chance to succeed to the best of their abilities with support along the way. It’s incredibly important to develop different opportunities for our teachers, staff, and children at Casa!

Job Responsibilities: Content Development & Strategy, Social Media, Communications, Formatting

Country of Origin: United States

José Julio Milla
Senior Accountant

Favorite Core Value: Perpetual Growth! It aligns perfectly with my determination and optimistic view of life.

Job Responsibilities: Legal/GAAP Compliance, Budgeting, Tuition & Fees, Company-wide Financials

Country of Origin: Honduras

Sharon Ganivet Hernandez
International Teaching Program Coordinator

Favorite Core Value: A couple of my favorite core values are Pioneering Interculturality, alongside Extended Family. Through my experience working with Casa, I have had the privilege of working and engaging with individuals from diverse Spanish-speaking backgrounds, offering me the invaluable opportunity to immerse myself in their cultures and traditions. The capacity to cultivate profound relationships and have meaningful interactions within this context has been truly an amazing experience.

Job Responsibilities: Legal, Interviews, Applications, Onboard & Orientation, Headquarters Maintenance

Country of Origin: United States

Yarisa Case
Graphic Designer

Favorite Core Value: One of my favorite core values is Living Whole-heartedly, because I like to put my heart and passion into everything I do and with everyone around me; mainly when I am learning about other cultures and when I am making my own known.

Job Responsibilities: Graphic Design & Formatting

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic



20+ Years of Más Sonrisas, Más Calidad, y Más Corazón!

In 2002, Casa de Corazón began providing a well-rounded child care option to parents that incorporates language immersion and environmentalism into the core curriculum. With this achievement, we are the oldest Spanish immersion, NAEYC and Parent Aware certified child care center in the Twin Cities. Thank you to all the parents, teachers and community partners that have made this possible — we couldn’t have done it without you!