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Enrichment Activities

Water play days are a big hit for toddlers and preschoolers during the summer heat, so we make sure to incorporate them into our list of extensive day care enrichment activities!
Year-round Activities

At Casa de Corazón®, we believe in providing children with a wide range of activities and learning opportunities. Through well-rounded child care enrichment activities, children can grow and discover.

  • Family appreciation events such as Grandparents Day
  • Cultural celebrations throughout the year
  • Birthday surprise and special celebration
  • Parent volunteers are always welcome
Special Guests and Child Care Enrichment Activities

We invite local community leaders and artists to share their talents and information about their social responsibilities with the children. Through these daycare enrichment programs, our children become socially and environmentally aware.

  • Preschoolers go on community field trips ranging from local co-ops to Mill City Museum
  • Guests such as local artists, dance instructors, and community members
  • Annual Trike-a-thon in support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Annual PACER center puppet show to help children accept and understand children with disabilities and chronic illnesses
Interactive Media Programs

In this technological age, teaching children to navigate and respect interactive media is crucial for school readiness and educational support. Through a limited introduction to technology as well as other well-rounded child care enrichment activities, children can grow and discover together.

  • Preschoolers first learn to interact with technology through limited-time exploring iPads
  • SMART table technology is used to maximize learning at the school-age level
  • School-age children are given plenty of homework help and supplemental school support

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