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Language immersion in early childhood fosters creativity, confidence and critical thinking. As one of the leading providers of Spanish immersion day care, we encourage second language immersion in all our early childhood classes from the start.

Farm To Childcare

We prepare balanced meals from fresh, organic and wholesome natural ingredients sourced from local farms, neighborhood co-ops, and farmers markets. Our centers each house commercial kitchens, certified by local health departments, to carry out this priority.

Loving Teachers

The feedback we get the most is how much parents love the way our nurturing teachers interact with the children. We embrace our core value of Extended Family through creating strong and loving connections between all people throughout our centers.

Earth Friendly

At Casa de Corazón®, because we care for children, we also care for the earth they will inherit from us. By supplying our own cloth diapers and reusable dishware and bottles, we make things easier for you – and the planet.

Sibling Discount

Casa de Corazón Madison offers a discount for families that have already enrolled, or wish to enroll, multiple children in our day care and preschool classes. Families that are currently enrolled and new families that enroll with us receive a 5% child care discount from their tuition fees for every child enrolled at Casa de Corazón Madison. This discount for siblings will last the entire time that all siblings are enrolled with us. This promotion is being offered at Madison only.

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood learning and development is part of the top-rated child care offered at Casa de Corazón. Our location in Madison, WI, is the premier Spanish immersion daycare center and our innovative approach to childcare in our early childhood development centers puts us far ahead of the competition. Our attentive and loving staff does more than care for your children, they teach them Spanish with an easy to learn approach. Through immersion exposure, every interaction we have with your child is designed to cultivate a sense of security and foster a love of learning within a nurturing environment.

Spanish Immersion Benefits

Data shows that children who speak multiple languages not only pick up other languages quickly, they also have an expanded desire to learn and retain information. At Casa de Corazón in Madison, we begin our Spanish immersion from day one starting with our infant daycare and continue through our preschool program. Our innovative approach ensures that your child will learn Spanish and speak it like a native. We have designed our curriculum to be all-encompassing, so children of any age can learn quickly. Whether your child is enrolled in our infant care or our preschool program, they will learn to understand and speak Spanish fluently.

The Casa Difference

Casa de Corazón is proud of the unique method we use in our childcare centers. Through enriching activities throughout the day, your child’s curiosity is sparked, and their engagement levels increase. From here we continue teaching with learning-based activities focused on their growth and enjoyment. Our Spanish Immersion education is founded on a learn by leading approach. Our methods of teaching Spanish and early childhood development are rooted in educational principles and are applied continuously. By exploring behavior, concepts, and Spanish with trained caregivers, we instill a sense of wonder in your child. By celebrating the satisfaction of accomplishment associated with discovery your child will understand the importance of learning and discovering for themselves. At Casa de Corazón, we are dedicated to ensuring your child grows in all environments, so your child understands they create their success.

International Impact & Philanthropy

We are pioneers with our International Visa Program that employs native Spanish-speaking teachers, all with a degree in Child Development or a related field. We have International Philanthropy, building homes and impacting families in countries around the world through our annual 1K For Kids.

Technology & Innovation

Our innovative technology, The Casa App, centralizes all of our technology platforms in one place that best suits Casa families, waitlisted families, and franchisees. We record and produce our own Bilingual Music to celebrate Casa’s culture and community.


The NAEYC Accredited Casa Creative Curriculum infuses the Spanish language, cultural learning, and social responsibility into our curriculum, creating an authentic immersion environment that is best for dual-language learners. Our Gold Assessments tool tracks children’s development from infancy all the way up through Pre-K in all of the developmental areas needed for Kindergarten readiness.

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