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Ages 6 Weeks To 17 Months*


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Infant Program

Loving, caring and committed teachers

Excellent early childhood education begins with even the youngest of children, which is why we have created a unique curriculum as part of our infant day care services that families can truly appreciate. Our infant day care centers use songs, games, play time, and reading circles that inspire curiosity in a safe and welcoming environment.

Skills mastered

Every activity helps enrich the life of each child

Language & Communication

Says single words, signs simple words, shakes head “no”, points to show what they want.

Social and Emotional

Hands things to others, shows affection, plays simple pretend, explores alone.

Physical Development

Walks alone, drinks from a cup, eats with a spoon, pulls toys while walking.


Knows what ordinary things are for, scribbles, points to one body part, follows one step verbal commands.

What’s Included:

Cloth Diapers and Wipes

On-site Milk Storage

Organic Food

Electronic Daily Reports

Part-time Scheduling

Family-friendly Hours

Cloth Diapers and Wipes

On-site Milk Storage

Organic Food

Electronic Daily Reports

Part-time Scheduling

Family-friendly Hours

Spanish Immersion is just the start


Fresh, nutritious, organic food is prepared on-site in our commercial kitchen. Our lunch purées are made fresh and each snack encourages self feeding.

Sample Menu

  • Breakfast: Multigrain Cereal, Pear-Apple Sauce
  • Lunch: Zucchini Purée & Cottage Cheese
  • Snack: Quinoa Stars & Banana

Infant Milk: A refrigerator is available inside each classroom for the storage of breast milk and freshly prepared formula. Casa supplies bottles for each child and parents are always welcome to bring their own.

Physical Activities

Children enjoy indoor and outdoor play depending on the weather. Inside each facility is an indoor gym suited for infants up to pre-k children. During the warmer months, children explore our outdoor playground, take buggy rides around the neighborhood and to nearby parks!

Bilingual Curriculum

The Casa Creative Curriculum is the NAEYC approved, research-based Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum® infused with Casa’s unique teaching objectives of Spanish immersion, cultural learning, and social responsibility.

Our infants learn through the use of Books, Arts & Crafts, Baby Sign Language, Puppet Shows, Songs, Music, Themed Projects, and Sensory Activities. Each child participates in small group activities to promote individual attention.

Enrichment Activities

Even our youngest children enjoy the fun experiences of our enrichment activitiesThese include family appreciation events, cultural celebrations, special guests, volunteers, and more!

Daily Reporting

Families can view every activity their child participates in from feeding and diapering to photos of your child engaging in art and music with their teachers. At Casa, we use our own proprietary technology, The Casa App, which allows us to report every aspect of your child’s day.


As an environmentally friendly child care center, we provide cloth diapers for all children to reduce our carbon footprint. Cloth diapers and wipes are provided but families are welcome to bring their own diapers and wipes if they choose.

Daily routine

Your infant’s day at Casa

From the moment you drop off your child in the morning to when you pick them up in the evening, they will enjoy a day filled with caring connections with their teachers in a safe environment for learning.

Drop Off


7:00/7:30 am
Meaningful Hellos and Goodbyes


8:00 am


9:00/9:30 am
Buggy Ride / Park / Gym / Large Group Reunion


10:00 am
Morning Nap


11:00/11:30 am


12:00 pm
Directed Play - Small Group Activities


1:00 pm
Buggy Ride / Park / Gym / Large Group Reunion


1:30 pm
Afternoon Nap


3:00 pm


4:00 pm
Directed Play - Small Group Activities


5:00/5:30 pm
Meaningful Hellos and Goodbyes

Pick Up

Hear From Casa Familias
Warmth & Genuine Love

I knew Casa was the place for our baby when I did a tour and could tangibly feel the warmth and genuine love of the Teachers for the children. I saw Teachers (Maestros) hug, snuggle, play, and engage with the children in their class. All Casa staff members (even teachers from classrooms your kids weren’t even in!) know the children and parents’ names and always have a smile on their face. The Casa Staff have felt like an extension of our family. It always has and it always will!

– Kristen
Hear From Casa Familias
Bright, Interactive, and Engaging

My son started daycare in Infant room A and I couldn’t be happier! I love getting updates throughout the day (when my son eats, sleeps, gets changed and photos) and being able to communicate directly with his teachers. Each week they have different themes for their lessons and activities, even in the infant room, constantly exposing the kids to new information and experiences. The rooms are all bright, interactive, and engaging, as are the teachers. I could not possibly be happier with my experience so far!

– Tanya
Hear From Casa Familias
Incredibly Loving

The staff and teachers are incredibly loving and truly caring. I know my son is in the best hands, he’s learning, eating healthy, being stimulated and that brings us so much comfort. Plus he loves his casa family too! Thank you for all you do for our children 🙂

– Casa Parent

*Age ranges are averages and vary by location. Multiple factors will be considered when a child is ready to transition. For example milestones, individual behaviors/interests, and/or classroom capacities.

Infant Childcare Locations
Edina, MN – 50th & France

5101 France Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55410

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Maple Grove, MN

8351 Elm Creek Blvd
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Minneapolis, MN – Kingfield

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Rochester, MN

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Shorewood, WI

4114 N Oakland Ave
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St. Paul, MN – Highland Park

770 Howell St S
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Madison, WI

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Edina, MN – Centennial Lakes

4000 W 76th St., Suite 300
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