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About Us

Core Values

We believe in nurturing children with a child-centered approach that prioritizes diversity, environmentalism, and health in a clean and caring learning environment. Welcome to your family’s second home with heart.

A second home
Living Whole-Heartedly

At Casa de Corazón®, we embrace living whole-heartedly. We express gratitude for the families and children who attend, and for our staff who create a warm, comfortable, and loving environment for all. We take pride in fostering authentic connections with each and every person throughout our centers.

Living whole-heartedly
intercultural community

We believe that early childhood bilingual education is crucial to a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. More than half the world’s population is bilingual, which is why we believe that early childhood bilingual education is so important.

improving our programs
Life-Changing Innovation

At Casa de Corazón, we are the leaders in bringing innovation and progress to the Spanish Immersion early childhood education industry. We are always looking for new, innovative ways to improve the program, curriculum, and environment to better fit the needs of our families and staff.

Life-changing Innovation
Investing in our teachers
Perpetual Growth

In an effort to spread the awareness and importance of bilingualism and intercultural learning, Casa de Corazón is constantly growing, and with us our collaborators and teachers. By sponsoring and financing classes and professional development opportunities for our teachers, we provide an opportunity for them to grow with us, and to reach the highest possible level in their careers.

Perpetual Growth
Cultural traditions and diversity
Pioneering Interculturality

The interaction of different cultures is at the heart of what we do at Casa de Corazón. We were born as an intercultural program, and over time have built an amazing family. Many of Casa’s teachers come from one of the twenty countries whose official language is Spanish.

Pioneering interculturality
Eco-friendly & responsible practices
Healthy & Holistic Impact

We view the health and wellness of our families and staff holistically. The mental, physical, and emotional health of our people is of the utmost importance. We are dedicated to creating an environment to help children feel as at home as possible. Our curriculum embraces a healthy mind and body through engagement in both mental and physical daily activities.

Healthy & Holistic impact
Our Casa familia
Extended Family

At Casa de Corazón, we consider all staff, children, and parents our extended family. We are committed to developing caring, loving, and genuine relationships between each and every person who comes through our centers.

Extended family

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