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About Us

Food Program

Why organic food?

At Casa de Corazón®, we are committed to providing the best child care possible. We know that children grow and learn best when they are full and well nourished. Therefore, we prepare natural, balanced, organic meals from fresh ingredients each and every day. Even our baby food is additive-free and pureed on site! If you are looking for a premier day care serving organic food, look no further than Casa de Corazón.

Natural and organic foods

We believe in the importance of providing small children with well-balanced, natural, organic and hormone-free foods. This is why we house State Department of Health-certified commercial kitchens where we prepare all foods according to the department of health’s codes and regulations. We combat the pediatric health problems that are common in our country by introducing healthy eating at each of our child care centers.

Locally sourced

We provide meals utilizing locally sourced ingredients whenever possible in order to help our environment and our community. Working with local co-ops, farms, and family-owned food vendors helps us give back to the community we live in and the planet we inhabit. We are proud of the community connections we have and are annual sponsors of our communities’ farmers markets!

Our healthy food mission

This infographic details our vision that provides us the opportunity to be a leader in the early childhood education industry through creating a healthier and more responsible future for our children.

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Farming Partners

We are proud to partner with local farms and farmer’s markets that provide our centers with the fresh and organic food that we serve as part of our healthy eating program for children. Each of our farming partners raise their meat ethically and provide us with organic and fresh meat year-round, regardless of the weather!

Co-op Partners

Casa de Corazón is the leading child care center serving organic food because we are committed to quality and working with the very best vendors. In addition to farms we source from directly, we are annual members at local co-ops as well as sponsors of all neighborhood farmers’ markets.