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The Casa App

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Proprietary Technology

We recently launched a new version of our innovative project, The Casa App! This software centralizes all of our technology platforms in one place that best suits Casa families, waitlisted families, and franchisees. View its benefits and how to use it!

Casa App Version 2.0 Functionality

The latest version of the Casa App has drastically improved existing features! Additionally, we have implemented new features for our families, staff, and franchisees that include new reporting, messaging, push notifications, and staff bios.


Families can view different reporting on which activities their child is participating in throughout the day through the Daily Journal. Photos and videos are also updated frequently to give parents a real time sense of what their child is up to! The Food & Drink category allows teachers to report what the child is eating and notes about the meal, for example, how much of the meal the child ate. The Diaper & Potty category allows teachers to report if the diaper was wet, dry, or soiled. They can also report if they are in need of more diapers*. The Sleeping category allows teachers to report when a child takes a nap and for how long. Additional reporting categories include milestones, indoor/outdoor activities, language & culture, art and music, and enrichment classes.


The Message functionality allows teachers to send messages to the families about their child and vice versa. This function is a great tool to give families the ability to directly communicate with their child’s teachers without having to call or stop by the center.

Push Notifications

The Push Notifications allow the center to send important communications regarding closures, fun days, celebrations, policy reminders, and more. This functionality allows for quick and direct contact to the families as they can view it directly on the home screen of their mobile device.

Staff Bios

The Staff Bios allow families to view information about each staff member that interacts with their child. They can view bios for their teachers, sub staff, directors, kitchen and facility members. This helps create a sense of community and transparency for each person.

*Casa provides cloth diapers for all children but we do request that families bring their own diapers for the children to go home in.

For Enrolled Families

Our quality at your fingertips! The Casa App for enrolled families provides them with access to their profile, daily reporting, staff bios, push notifications, the calendar, music, the Casa values, and the Casa store! The proprietary technology is consistently evolving to provide an easy to use platform and informative experience for our parents.

For Waitlisted Families

We have streamlined the waitlist process for your family! The Casa App provides real time waitlist placement, updated information, streamlined technology, and access to the Casa difference. Once you have been added to the waitlist, you can access all of this information through the Casa App.

For Franchisees

Proprietary technology for franchisees! The Casa App gives franchise owners the ability to manage current Casa families and waitlisted families. The Casa App also provides access to a 12 month calendar, curriculum management, the Casa values, and over 1,000 children’s songs! Casa is proud to offer this first of its kind proprietary technology to our franchisees.