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Creating Casa de Corazón

Franchise Story

Natalie Standridge, Founder & Franchisor of Casa de Corazón®, has been working in the field of Early Childhood Education since 1999 and began her now multi-location program in 2002. Her interest in young children has been forming since she was one of them! Her parents taught Lamaze and infant classes, led La Leche Leagues, and fostered pre-adoptive newborns. Natalie had heard more birth stories and cared for more babies by the age of 16 than most people do in a lifetime. 

Her inspiration to create something unique came when she needed child care for her daughter. She couldn’t find anyone providing high quality, dual language child care in her area. The popular belief at that time was actually that bilingual children suffered delayed brain development. It is now known that bilingual brains are more healthy, complex, and actively engaged, and have higher levels of executive function. The brains of children under the age of five have more plasticity to process language, and therefore their language learning includes more social and emotional processing in addition to the analytical processing that adult second-language learners use.

As a result of the absence of this unique program, Natalie created Casa de Corazón. Casa is a unique child care model focused on environmental consciousness, a caring approach to teaching, and intercultural learning. From making organic food in-house to providing cloth diapering, Casa has incorporated social, environmental, and health priorities into a Spanish Immersion curriculum, providing a well-rounded option for the first education of each child.

“We are looking for franchise owners who hope to own and operate a company that makes a difference in the lives of our future generations.”
– Natalie Standridge

With the demand for bilingual people exploding in the workforce in our increasingly bilingual society, the need for bilingual early education is increasing at a much faster rate than schools are opening. As the pioneer in the industry, Casa de Corazón has started franchising to other markets in the United States to fulfill the high demand.

Our core values

Living Whole-Heartedly

We take pride in having authentic connections with each and every person throughout the Casa de Corazón centers.


As one of the leading providers of Spanish immersion day care, we encourage second language immersion in all our early childhood classes from the start.

Life-Changing Innovation

We are the leaders in bringing innovation and progress to the Spanish Immersion Early Childhood Education Industry.

Perpetual Growth

We provide opportunities for our staff to grow with us, and to reach the highest possible level in their careers.

Pioneering Interculturality

We were born as an intercultural program, the interaction of different cultures is at the heart of what we do.

Healthy & Holistic Impact

We embrace a healthy mind and body for our children through engagement in both mental and physical daily activities.

Extended Family

We consider all staff, children, and parents our extended family.

Let’s build brighter futures together!

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Our Impact

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Years in Business

Casa Graduates
Meet the Franchise Owners
Jennifer Quist
Franchise Owner of  St. Paul, MN – Highland Park


Jennifer Quist grew up on a small dairy farm in western Wisconsin where she learned the value of hard work and responsibility at an early age; a character trait that has served her well in life. Professionally, her bachelor’s degree in software development and M.B.A have offered opportunities to work for a defense contractor on projects for the US NAVY, a large national retailer testing software quality, and a K-12 software company where she coached and led multiple developers to produce high quality products. A colleague and friend who had a daughter enrolled at the Maple Grove Casa was the one who introduced Jennifer to the company, and her soft spot for kids along with the benefits of bilingualism inspired her to open her own Casa franchise. In addition to providing the highest quality care in the Highland Park neighborhood, Jennifer strives to enrich the lives of each and every one of her staff members, providing the tools they need to be successful, challenging them to bring the best versions of themselves, and teaching them skills that will allow them to advance their careers.

Nick Plummer
Franchise Owner of Shorewood, WI


Nick Plummer served in the Air Force/California Air National Guard for 14 years, as a TACP for 6 years and a Pararescueman for 8 years. During his time, he became JTAC Qualified, Heavy Weapons Qualified, served as an Element Leader, Airborne & Military Free Fall Jumpmaster, Combat Dive Supervisor, Designated Marksman, Paramedic, and Technical/Mountain/Swift Water Rescue Specialist. He was deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa. He brings to Casa a never quit mentality, teamwork, and holding himself and employees to a high standard both personally and professionally. These qualities are amongst many that we look for in a Casa Franchise Owner.

Owning a franchise is a great opportunity for veterans as they have unmatched experience, determination, character, honor, and pride.

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