Trabaja con nosotros — Aplica hoy y únete a la gran familia de Casa de Corazón.

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wendy, our newest franchise owner for our rochester location.
Franchise Opportunity Interview

Meet Wendy: Our Future Franchise Owner!

Our Rochester location is opening soon, fall of 2022! We are excited and grateful to build a community of care through our intercultural early learning program. As we look forward to the opening of this center, we sat down and chatted with Casa Rochester’s Operations Manager and future franchise owner, Wendy. Wendy Letran is from…

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Encouraging Spanish at home by asking how to say things in Spanish

Encouraging Spanish at Home

In order to ensure that your child gets the maximum benefits from our Spanish immersion program, practicing one’s skills at home and after graduation is very important! At first, kids might be shy to speak Spanish at home because they might not feel it is a space to do so. Practicing Spanish requires consistency, patience,…

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Casa staff Pablo smiles before he shares his employee story

Employee Story: Pablo Valero

Pablo Valero has been a big part of our Casa community over the last 10 years. He has formed valuable relationships with those he works with and continues to uphold the Casa values every day. Get to know the most beloved employee at Casa, Pablo, as he describes his time at Casa.  I met Natalie…

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student at Casa reading showing one of our napping tips

Tips for Better Napping Time at Home

Napping is a vital component of early development. Children under five require anywhere from 10-17 hours of sleep depending on their age. We do everything we can to encourage restful sleep so our children can retain new knowledge from all the new experiences they are having. Being that we have had all types of sleepers…

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Casa teacher at our daycare center reading a book in the middle of a small group.
Featured Writer

Parent Blog Post: Vanessa!

This week, we share a story from one of our parents regarding why Casa was the right choice for her family. Parents come to us from many different backgrounds and through various means. We always promote transparency so that our parents know what to expect. And so they feel comfortable ensuring the health and safety…

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Ms. Milena Casa teacher smiling in the playground.

Casa Teacher Interview: Ms. Karla

Get to know Ms. Karla! Ms. Karla has worked with all three classroom levels. She has enjoyed working with everyone as each developmental stage is very different. Originally from Honduras, she was very excited to have found Casa as she feels like this is the perfect place for her to be at! Read more about…

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Casa student celebrating earth day every day as our commitment to being earth-friendly
Franchise Opportunity Innovation

7 Earth-Friendly Things We Do At Casa

As a company that interacts with many people on a daily basis and is able to set an example, we are always looking for ways in which we can improve. We are thankful to have active members in our community who have shared their knowledge on various subjects such as being earth-friendly. Over the years,…

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Casa teachers standing in childcare hallway from venezuela
Country of the Month

Country of the Month: Venezuela

This month at Casa we are looking forward to sharing the wonderful traditions from Venezuela with our children at our childcare centers! They will have an authentic experience as our teachers from Venezuela proudly share their culture through stories, lessons, and regional dances. Since we as parents would most likely love to be in these…

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our shorewood franchise has oppened thanks to our business following the EOS model
Franchise Opportunity

How Has EOS Changed Our Business?

As our business began to grow, we came to the realization that many communities would benefit from our innovative program. So we looked into ways to make our foundation solid. This is when we found the EOS model. If you decide to open a Casa Franchise you will notice that we operate differently than other…

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