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Tampa Bay / St. Petersburg / Clearwater Area

Your Own Casa de Corazón in the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg/Clearwater Area

With a Casa de Corazón® franchise, you can own your own business that helps give children a brighter future. Casa de Corazón schools teach young children in a bilingual education setting. The Casa de Corazón franchise team can help you get started with our step-by-step process. Children who learn in a bilingual environment have an advantage in academic achievement and career potential as they advance through school and beyond.

Bilingual Preschool Education Franchise

Casa de Corazón is a bilingual preschool education franchise that offers a high-quality Spanish immersion early learning program. Parents trust us to care for their children while teaching with sustainable practices, a focus on social responsibility, and a vision for the future. Casa de Corazón is a leading provider of Spanish immersion daycare for working parents. We are unique in many ways:

  • Farm to table meals prepared in commercial kitchens
  • Attachment-based care
  • Open space in the school for free play and creativity
  • Graduates with the highest scores on kindergarten entrance tests
  • Early introduction to languages, math, science, geography, culture, and more to prepare for elementary school
  • Partnerships with local businesses and participation in upcoming events in the community
Financial Costs

One of the most significant decisions to make before you embark on your Casa de Corazón franchise is whether you are ready financially. Here are some of the expenses you’ll need to consider:


  • The Franchise Fee – The initial investment in a Casa de Corazón franchise can vary, as costs for real estate, construction, supplies, and staff, may differ depending on location. Many entrepreneurs look for small business loans to get started.

  • Equipment – The franchise package includes some of the equipment and supplies you will need. However, there are other items you will want to purchase for your school. Our team can help you determine what you need and how much those items will cost.

  • Real Estate – You will need to purchase the land for your Casa de Corazón school. We can provide some guidance on how to choose an area with a convenient location. Our team can also talk with you about other things to consider when checking out properties.

  • Franchise agreement terms are for ten years with a 7% royalty fee and a 2% advertising fee.

Let’s build brighter futures together!

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Get Started
Start a Business In Your Community

A Casa de Corazón school offers you the franchise opportunity to start a business in your community that will make a difference for generations. With our business name and brand, you can run a successful franchise caring for children in the South Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg/Clearwater area of Florida. We give you all the tools to challenge the active minds of young children and help them love learning from the start.

Investing in Kids

When you offer your community a Casa de Corazón school, you invest in much more than a building and a business. You are giving south Tampa children a head start on their future academic success and career potential. Bilingual education in the form of long-term immersive programming is highly desirable for parents of young children. Research consistently finds that students who receive this kind of instruction outperform peers academically and develop more dense gray matter in the executive control area of the brain. They also demonstrate better working memories and longer attention spans.

Better Futures

Bilingual adults are highly desirable in the workforce, and they have an increased earning potential over those who speak only one language. Since up to 75% of the world’s population speaks at least two languages, multilingual education opens doors for international employment in the future. Young children learn new languages with greater ease than older individuals, so it’s beneficial to start immersive education as early as possible.

  • Casa de Corazón franchises serve locally-grown, organic food at meals whenever it’s available. This practice is healthy for children’s growing bodies, but it also benefits local farmers and grocers. Many people in Fort Lauderdale own a business that could benefit from a partnership with your Casa de Corazón franchise.
  • Casa de Corazón centers sponsor local activities to benefit everyone in the community. From fundraisers to environmentally friendly practices to our support of local businesses, our franchises contribute to the good of the whole community.
  • Children educated in the Casa de Corazón model get an early start on bilingual education through learning in a Spanish immersion environment. Research indicates that multilingual people have greater earnings potential as adults and are better prepared for life in a world where up to 75% of people speak at least two languages.
Working with the Community

At Casa de Corazón, we take pride in our role as good citizens. We understand that to own a business is to be part of the community. We partner with other socially responsible businesses to take advantage of community resources while supporting local companies. For example, we serve food prepared with ingredients from local farmer’s markets and organic community gardens. We also participate in local events that support children and families.

Becoming a Franchise Owner

At Casa de Corazón, we understand that taking on a franchise is a significant decision. We’re here to support you every step of the way with resources and information about the franchise opportunity in Florida. We can help with choosing a location, understanding your community, operational support, and marketing help. When you’re ready, we have a seven-step process to help you get started.


  1. Complete our Inquiry Form to begin the process.
  2. Participate in a 15 to 20-minute phone call.
  3. Review the Casa de Corazón Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement.
  4. Complete an in-person interview with the Casa de Corazón team.
  5. Complete and file the official application.
  6. Attend one of our Discovery Day events.
  7. Sign the Franchise Agreement.

Once the agreement is signed, your training and the construction of your center will begin shortly. We’ll help you develop a plan for your grand opening with signs, promotional ideas, advertising, and other marketing opportunities. At every step, our professional team members are here to answer all of your questions!

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