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Houston / Woodlands / Sugar Land Area

Franchise Opportunity: Start a Dual-Language Preschool in Your Local Houston Community
Casa de Corazón® is a dual-language preschool franchise looking to grow in the Houston/Woodlands/Sugar Land Area.
Our Core Values:


  • Living Whole-Heartedly

  • Bilingualism

  • Life-Changing Innovation

  • Perpetual Growth

  • Pioneering Interculturality

  • Healthy and Holistic Impact

  • Extended Family

If you are a local investor who has an interest in educating and uplifting your community, Casa de Corazón could be the franchise for you! Learn more to take advantage of this amazing franchise opportunity in the Houston/Woodlands/Sugar Land Area.

Let’s build brighter futures together!

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Get Started
Start a Business in Your Community

Starting a business of your very own and joining a reputable franchise are both big steps towards building a company your community is proud of. Casa de Corazón offers language immersion programs for children from infant to preschool.

As the local owner of a Casa de Corazón, you will build a safe and nurturing environment for families in your community. Community members will be able to participate in daycare and preschool education programs that meet their needs and supply their demand for cultural awareness and quality early education.

The need for a local Spanish immersion program at the preschool level has never been greater than it is now. We believe the Houston, TX metropolitan area is a prime location for our business model. Our programing provides all of the following critical elements to ensure the success of your business endeavor:

  • Early language immersion
  • Fully fluent Spanish speaking staff requirement
  • Community outreach events
  • Fun and engaging curriculum year round
  • A focus on a healthy, holistic learning environment
  • Our unique technology, the Casa App, for immediate support
Become a Franchise Owner

Some business investors think franchise ownership is limited to restaurant chains or retail stores. However, our unique franchise setup allows you to take on the trusted Casa de Corazón name as you provide valuable and essential bilingual education services to your community.


When you own a Casa de Corazón franchise, you can take advantage of a proven model that has been tested and tried in many other markets. We believe a Houston, TX bilingual preschool will provide an ideal market for our already successful brand.

While you don’t need previous childcare experience to become a franchise owner, we do have a few other important requirements, including the following:

  • Leadership experience

  • Marketing skills

  • Ambition and drive

  • Previous experience in owning or operating a business

  • A passion for education and intercultural connections

Qualifications for Owning a Franchise
Financial Costs

Opening a Casa de Corazón franchise requires an initial investment. While we do have an area-based estimate of the costs and fees associated with opening a franchise, a partnership with our brand will give you access to various forms of assistance as needed, including the following:


  • Financial assistance
  • Building site selection or construction
  • Lease negotiation assistance
  • Demographic surveying
  • Training and instruction
  • Grand opening support
  • Operational support
  • Marketing assistance
  • Promotional efforts

In addition to your initial franchising costs, you will need to factor in the expenses associated with opening a Spanish immersion school. From equipment to staffing costs, we will help you calculate the total cost to you and the projected return on your investment from year to year.

Investing in Kids

Not only does Casa de Corazón have a reputation for providing a safe and accepting environment for all of our students and staff, but we also take our academic curriculum quite seriously. With a highly acclaimed accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and other top children’s organizations, we believe in the future of our young people.

An investment as a Casa de Corazón franchise owner is an investment in the children of your community. Each child’s future will be enhanced through the programs we provide. The following are just a few of the ways we make sure our student’s get the best experience we can give them:

  • Language immersion preschool
  • Organic meals
  • Kindergarten readiness standards
  • Healthy and loving environment
  • Year-round enrollment options
Working with the Community

One of the greatest benefits of starting your own business is the relationships and connections you can build within your community. Our focus on community outreach promotes a connection to families and fellow business owners throughout your local landscape.

Community events such as our 1K For Kids will allow you and other locals to give back on a larger scale in a more impactful and meaningful way.

Better Futures  

Bright futures start with happy, healthy kids. Becoming a Casa de Corazón franchise owner is the opportunity to bring light and joy to kids, families, and the surrounding community.

Scientific studies have shown that learning a second or third language during the early years of life can build cognitive flexibility that is valuable for critical thinking later in life. Helping to feed the innately curious minds of young children now will nourish the communities and nations of the future. When you start your own Casa de Corazón franchise in the Houston/Woodlands/Sugar Land, TX area you become a part of our vision for a better future.

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