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      A Day Care Franchise for the Greater Good

      Owning a daycare franchise with Casa de Corazón means joining a legacy of building brighter futures for hundreds of children each year. Together we bring positivity to the lives of children, their families, and their communities by establishing socially responsible practices and fostering a healthy learning environment.

      Our dedication to core values and education has earned us prestigious accreditation from nationwide organizations like the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), which is considered the gold standard for early childhood care centers. We have also earned a four-star rating (the highest possible) from Minnesota’s own Parent Aware organization, which helps parents select a high quality early education provider for their children.


      Why Choose a Child Care Franchise?

      • Franchises have a 94% success rate compared to 25%-35% of independent businesses according to the U.S. Commerce Department.
      • Revenue for the child care industry is expected to continue growing at a steady annualized rate of 1.9% through 2021 to $52.5 billion.
      • The total number of day care centers in the U.S. is expected to grow at a rate of 1.2% through 2021.[1]

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      our 3 Uniques

      • Community: We support local businesses and host community events, allowing us to consistently grow our sense of community for the Casa family.
      • Proprietary Technology: Our experience has provided us with the understanding of what makes us efficient. We have created our own proprietary technology, the Casa App, centralizing all of our technology platforms in one place that best suits Casa families, waitlisted families, and franchisees.
      • Strong Leadership Team to Support You: With over 45 years of collective experience, our team is well versed and here to guide you through running a successful and enriching early childhood education center.

      What Others Say About Us

      “The Casa de Corazón franchise model has many benefits to offer parents and young children today: home cooked and organic quality food, Spanish immersion and a curriculum that ensures age-appropriate development for every single child.”
      Nick Kamp, Franchise Owner

      “When my daughter was 3 years old, she was laying in bed at night singing songs in Spanish. It was amazing to see that type of development.”
      Nick Plummer, Enrolled Father and Franchise Owner

      Our Education Model

      The push for students of all ages to learn a second language is growing rapidly across America — and for good reason. Students in long-term immersive programs consistently outperform their classmates and are proven to develop a greater density of gray matter in the executive control region of the brain.[2]

      Teaching children a second language can also pave the path to a successful future — the fastest growth in bilingual job listings is for high prestige jobs including financial managers, editors, and engineers.[3]

      Because second languages are acquired with greater ease at younger ages, Casa de Corazón seeks to promote intercultural education from the start. Not only will children be better equipped for an increasingly globalized future — they will become socially responsible, empathetic citizens of the world.

      Why Bilingual Childcare?

      1. Bilingualism can potentially increase earnings by 1.5-3.8%. [4]
      2. Bilingual students usually have stronger working memories and attention spans.[5]
      3. Bilingual students also outperform monolingual students on tasks that require executive control. This refers to self-discipline, perseverance, and other skills that help students achieve their goals. [5]
      4. Bilingual people exhibit more creativity than monolingual counterparts, which can bring as much fulfillment as it does success. They’re also better at multitasking and conflict resolution, skills that benefit others as much as themselves. Best of all, bilingualism is linked to a reduced likelihood for cognitive decline later on. [5]
      5. 60-75% of the global population speaks at least 2 languages.[6]

      Build Brighter Futures

      Join the Casa de Corazón legacy by offering a positive and quality learning environment for our children’s future.

      Steps to Becoming a Franchise Owner

      Are you ready to learn more about the Casa de Corazón franchise opportunity?

      Fill out the form and a member of our team will reach out to you.

        If you are having issues submitting a form, please email your information to [email protected]

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        Casa was among the Top 20 Best Franchises of 2020, as rated by Aspioneer.

        Read on about Casa, the franchising opportunity, and the support our team will provide you every step of the way.


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