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      Intercultural Learning at Its Best

      Give your child the world. Casa de Corazón® provides quality Spanish immersion child care that families turn to for their children’s first educational experiences. We provide safe, encouraging, and educational child care services that parents trust to engage their children while they are at work. Through Spanish immersion curriculum, sustainable practices, and an emphasis on social responsibility, we prepare children for their future endeavors both inside and outside scholastic settings.

      SpaniSh immerSion

      Language immersion in early childhood fosters creativity, confidence and critical thinking. As one of the leading providers of Spanish immersion day care, we encourage second language immersion in all our early childhood classes from the start. Bilingual brains benefit from improved executive control, which impacts the cognitive ability to plan, problem-solve, and focus.

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      Farm to Childcare

      At Casa de Corazón, we know that small children learn and grow best when they are well nourished. We also believe in sustainability. Therefore, we prepare balanced meals from fresh, organic and wholesome natural ingredients sourced from local farms, neighborhood co-ops, and farmers markets. Our centers each house commercial kitchens, certified by local health departments, to carry out this priority. Even our baby food is additive-free and pureed on site!

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      Kindergarten ReadineSS

      Age-appropriate core curriculum, attachment-based care, and ample space for free play and creativity, culminate in excellent kindergarten readiness. At the preschool level, children study kindergarten concepts in both Spanish and English. We are proud to say that our child care center graduates typically score in the top tier of kindergarten entrance exams. Casa de Corazón is well-established as one of the top child cares because our comprehensive curriculum introduces children to language, math, science, geography, culture, art, music, dance, reading, writing, nutrition, physical education, and social responsibility from the get go.

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      At Casa de Corazón, because we care for children, we also care for the earth they will inherit from us. We provide a full-service cloth diaper program for our enrolled infants and toddlers, keeping more than 100,000 non-biodegradable disposable diapers out of the landfills every year! With our older children, we make compostable art projects, reduce waste, and teach them what they can do to help us care for the earth right here at their day care. Additionally, we highly prioritize outdoor play and nature-based field trips.

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      At Casa de Corazón, we strive to raise the quality of child care, which is why we are proud to be NAEYC and Parent Aware Accredited. Research has demonstrated that accreditation positively impacts childcare programs in ways that benefit the children, the staff members, and families. Through accreditation we ensure that our centers meet the highest quality standards possible!

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      Celebrating 18 Years

      We are so honored to be celebrating Casa de Corazón’s 18th Anniversary. Almost two decades ago, I committed my career to providing a well-rounded child care option to parents that would incorporate language immersion and environmentalism in the core curriculum. With this achievement, we are the oldest Spanish immersion, NAEYC and Parent Aware certified child care center in the Twin Cities. Thank you to all the parents, teachers and community partners that have made this possible — we couldn’t have done it without you!

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