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Intercultural learning at its best

Intercultural learning at its best

Give your child the world.

Casa de Corazón® provides quality Spanish immersion child care that families turn to for their children’s first educational experiences. We provide safe, encouraging, and educational child care services that parents trust to engage their children while they are at work. Through Spanish immersion curriculum, sustainable practices, and an emphasis on social responsibility, we prepare children for their future endeavors both inside and outside scholastic settings.


Language immersion in early childhood fosters creativity, confidence and critical thinking. As one of the leading providers of Spanish immersion day care, we encourage second language immersion in all our early childhood classes from the start.

Farm to Childcare

We prepare balanced meals from fresh, organic and wholesome natural ingredients sourced from local farms, neighborhood co-ops, and farmers markets. Our centers each house commercial kitchens, certified by local health departments, to carry out this priority.

Loving Teachers

The feedback we get the most is how much parents love the way our nurturing teachers interact with the children. We embrace our core value of Extended Family through creating strong and loving connections between all people throughout our centers.

Earth Friendly

At Casa de Corazón, because we care for children, we also care for the earth they will inherit from us. By supplying our own cloth diapers and reusable dishware and bottles, we make things easier for you – and the planet.

star tribune readers choice | Casa De Corazon
2022 Winner
Minnesota’s Best Preschool

Preschool Program

star tribune readers choice | Casa De Corazon
2022 Winner
Minnesota’s Best Immersion School

Bilingual Curriculum

star tribune readers choice | Casa De Corazon
2022 Winner
Minnesota’s Best Childcare

About Us

Hear From Casa Familias
Loving Community

I love Casa and am so glad to be a part of the community. So many of my friends are having issues with teacher turnover at their other centers and I’m so glad to have such a stable foundation of high quality staff at Casa.

– Casa Parent
Hear From Casa Familias
Emphasis on Organic Food and Sustainability

Our family loves Casa! Between the intercultural learning, Spanish-immersion, and caring staff, along with the emphasis on organic food and sustainability, the values at Casa are unmatchable! Our family is very happy with our experience and would recommend Casa.

– Marissa
Hear From Casa Familias
Solid Foundation of Learning

My oldest son (now 5) has been at the Maple Grove location since he was 12 weeks old. Over the years I have continued to be blown away not only by the loving care he receives from his teachers and the staff, but also the level of education and exposure to diverse materials. It has been such a joy watching my son grow, especially hearing him speaking Spanish fluently and seamlessly transitioning between English and Spanish. This is something I feel will be so important for his future and to build a solid foundation of learning. Casa also does such a wonderful job making learning fun through play, art projects, activities, imagination, stories and hands on experiences.

– Tanya
Hear From Casa Familias
Incredible Environment

Casa has been an incredible environment for our kids to grow up and learn! The entire staff is so caring, loving, and professional. The facility is beautiful, clean, and child-friendly. I can’t imagine a better place to send our kids.

– Ben
The Experience
Healthy, compassionate, intercultural environment.

At Casa de Corazón, our mission is to provide inclusive, diverse daycare services within the communities we serve. Our staff members as well as our enrolled children and their families engage in our intercultural community. As a result of this engagement, our lives are permanently enriched.


At Casa de Corazón, we strive to raise the quality of child care, which is why we are proud to be NAEYC and Parent Aware Accredited. Research has demonstrated that accreditation positively impacts childcare programs in ways that benefit the children, the staff members, and families. Through accreditation we ensure that our centers meet the highest quality standards possible!

Trabaja con nosotros

Aplica hoy y únete a la gran familia de Casa de Corazón.

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