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      Our Mission

      Casa de Corazón® is a Spanish immersion early learning program committed to providing socially responsible education to our children in a healthy, compassionate, intercultural environment.

      Our Vision

      To intentionally increase the social impact of early childhood education through impeccable standards of professional development, honest communication, mutual respect, community engagement, accountability, and innovation in a supportive and caring learning environment.

       Our Core Values

      Living Whole-Heartedly


      Life-Changing Innovation

      Perpetual Growth

      Pioneering Interculturality

      Healthy and Holistic Impact

      Extended Family

      What is Intercultural?

      Intercultural is beyond multicultural, which is where multiple cultures coexist alongside one another.

      Intercultural is beyond cross-cultural, which is where cultures learn from one another.

      In intercultural communities, we connect with one another in a reciprocal, mutual, and inclusive celebration of all cultures. We strive for equality, justice, and meaningful relationship building that allows us to honor our heritage while respecting others. While we learn from each other’s cultures, we may also examine our own culture more deeply. Through intercultural community engagement, we allow ourselves to be changed.

      At Casa de Corazón, our mission is to provide inclusive, diverse daycare services within the communities we serve. Our staff members as well as our enrolled children and their families engage in our intercultural community. As a result of this engagement, our lives are permanently enriched.


      You want the best day care services available in your area. You will find that here, at Casa de Corazón. We approach early childhood education with love and encourage children to grow through exploration and curiosity, while respecting one another and the environment that surrounds them. We offer these day care services to inspire, encourage, and prepare children for a wonderfully bright future.

      Casa de Corazón locations are unique child care services centers and preschools encompassing

      Our Priorities:

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