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Celebrating Nelson Mandela Day at Casa!

casa art project to celebrate nelson mandela day
July 18, 2022

Every year on July 18th, we celebrate someone who was an extraordinary advocate for equality, justice, and human rights. This person is Nelson Mandela. At Casa, we look forward to celebrating Nelson Mandela Day as we aim to teach our young children about the critical history of our world. Furthermore, we advocate for communities to come together, strive for compassion and equal treatment, and respect for all individuals. On this day, we hope to communicate the importance of this inspiring figure and talk to children about how they can carry out his vision! Learn more about Nelson Mandela in this blog post by following the links below, which you can share with your little ones at home!

Nelson Mandela Day is an international event celebrated on July 18th. As a childcare center, we always strive to be good role models for our young children, and this day allows us to share important ideas. Join us as we share the importance of this day and ask your Center Directors how you can be a part of this celebration!

The Early Life of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, also known as Rolihlahla, was born in 1918 to African parents and heads of a tribe in South Africa. As he attended school, he became increasingly interested in law and pursued this career. In 1952 he began his advocacy fight and took on cases against apartheid. He also took on segregation system cases and spoke out against Pass Laws. Pass laws required non-whites to carry legal documents for identification detailing what areas they were allowed to go into). As history tells, this was only the beginning of his long journey to bring down the unjust South African system oppressing non-whites.

Fight for Injustice & Incarceration

His advocacy work included non-violent protests and sabotaging resulting in his first incarceration. However, this did not stop Nelson Mandela and fueled him to carry out his fight. Thus, causing his detainment and the infamous Rivonia Trial. In this trial, Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in jail, and although the South African government gave him many offers requiring him to renounce his fight in exchange for freedom, he never agreed. Nelson Mandela could not continue the fight. But he became a symbol against apartheid and brought more and more people together. Finally, due to civil unrest and political demise, Mandela was released from jail. 


After his release from jail, Mandela became the head of the ANC party in South Africa after successfully negotiating a transition to non-racial democracy. In 1994, Nelson Mandela became the first African president and led the first racially integrated government. 

Why is Nelson Mandela Day Important?

Nelson Mandela Day is important because it reminds us that history should not be forgotten, of our present-day fight against injustice, and reminds us to help one another. Many people celebrate this day by learning about his life. Or doing community service to create an open and inclusive community. Check out this storytime video, book, or blog for children!

The Casa Connection

On this day, we celebrate the accomplishments and vision of Nelson Mandela. With our little ones, we sit down, read age-appropriate books, and carry out various arts and crafts activities that promote his ideals. We also welcome parents who may want to share more information about Nelson Mandela through an informational presentation or activity!

teacher with infant doing a project for nelson mandela day
casa toddlers learning about nelson mandela
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