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NEW Communication Resource Available!

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August 8, 2022

Communication is a very important part of a great child care center. With good communication, teachers can do their jobs better, directors can create transparency, owners can establish trust, and relationships can be built. It is known that when parents and teachers form partnerships, children are more successful in their educational careers. One of the best ways for our families and teachers to build partnerships is through consistent dialogue, specifically during drop-off or pick-up times.

As an intercultural Spanish immersion program, our families and staff have varying levels of Spanish and English proficiency. We seek teachers from Latin America because we have found that the best way to learn Spanish is from native speakers, who additionally enrich our program by sharing their culture and experiences. 

That is why we have created a resource of relevant Spanish and English words/phrases to work together towards our goals. The following list is only a portion of a resource all of our families and teachers have access to. There are many free resources for beginner Spanish and English speakers, but we understand that relevant topics such as those pertinent to child care will sometimes not be available.

We hope this resource brings our community closer and promotes appreciation of each other’s culture! Here is a sample of what words you will find in the resource. You can copy and paste these words into Google Translate to hear the proper pronunciation. 

Bedtime / Hora Para Acostarse

Bedtime routine: Rutina para dormir

Blanket: Cobija

Lullaby: Canción de cuna

Night light: Luz de noche

Sleeping bag: Bolsa de dormir

Stuffed animal: Peluche

Warm: Caliente

Clothes / Ropa

Bib: Babero

Blouse: Blusa

Gloves: Guantes

Hair tie: Liga

Onesie: Pijama mono

Outfit: Atuendo

Overalls: Overol

Curriculum & Activities / Currículo & Actividades

Classroom reunion: Reunion de groupo

Colors: Colores

Country of the Month: País del Mes

Reusable: Reutilizable

Science: Ciencias

Water play: Juegos de agua

Worksheets: Hojas de ejercicios

Food / Comida

Additives: Aditivos

Allergy: Alergia

Antibiotic-free: Libre de antibióticos

Fresh: Fresco

Fruits: Frutas

Grain: Grano

Whole-wheat bread: Pan integral

Illness / Enfermedades

Asthma: Asma

Bacteria: Bacterias

Infection: Infección

Kleenex: Pañuelo

Medicine: Medicamento

Sore throat: Dolor de garganta

Stomach ache: Dolor de estómago

Infant Specific / Específico a Infantes

Baby bottle: Biberón

Baby feeding pillow: Almohada de alimentación

Baby proof: A prueba de bebé

Crib: Cuna

Development: Desarollo

Diaper cream: Crema para pañales

To walk: Caminar

Our Community / Nuestra Comunidad

Administrative Assistant: Asistente Administrativo/a

Center Director: Director(a) del Centro

Family: Familia

Friends: Amigos

Grandpa: Abuelo/a

House/Home: Casa/Hogar

Kids: Niños/as

Potty Training / Entrenamiento Para Ir Al Baño

Accident: Accidente

Bathroom: Baño

Diaper: Pañal

Potty training: Entrenamiento para ir al baño

Progress: Progreso

To clean: Limpiar

To flush: Jalar/Tirar la cadena

Common Phrases / Frases Comunes

Did he get enough sleep?: ¿Durmió lo suficiente?

Does he/she need more clothes?: ¿Necesita más ropa?

Does he/she need more…: ¿Él/ella necesita más…?

How was your day today?: ¿Como te fue hoy?

My name is __. What is your name?: Mi nombre es __. ¿Cuál es tu nombre?

What is the Country of the Month?: ¿Cuál es el País del Mes?

What is this month’s curriculum theme?: ¿Cuál es el tema del currículo de este mes?

If you would like to see another section added to this resource, please reach out to with your suggestions!

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