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100 Voices of Casa

100 voices of Casa
June 30, 2022

At Casa, we are always looking for innovative ways to grow and further our core values. We seek to be unique. We seek to be trailblazers. We seek to challenge and shape the childcare industry. Every year, our leadership team launches an average of five innovative ideas to positively impact the lives of everyone in our Casa community. Thus, we are proud to announce the completion of a project we have been working on for the last three years, 100 Voices of Casa!

What is 100 Voices of Casa?

100 Voices of Casa is a combination of songs and audiobooks created in collaboration with local and international artists. When we first began, we held a casting call inviting all individuals with a passion for music, reading, education, and children. From there, we chose our collaborators. Today, our original songs and audiobooks fill our classrooms and families’ homes. 

The 60 original Casa songs were written by Jansel Hernandez, Mike Pineda, and Addy Nuñez. And the 40 original Casa audiobooks were written by Jansel Hernandez and Dulce Milagros Nuñez.

The Importance of this Project

This project represents our commitment to 

  • Living Whole-Heartedly and Extended Family since we prioritized building authentic connections with members of our immediate and extended Casa community when creating this content. These songs and audiobooks bring our families and staff closer together.
  • Bilingualism and its benefits in early childhood education/development. Families can access the content through our Casa App and promote Spanish speaking at home.
  • Life-Changing Innovation by developing something that no other daycare center offers.
  • Perpetual Growth as we had to get out of our comfort zones and learn how to develop content that stimulated children’s minds. 
  • Pioneering Interculturality by working with individuals from different countries and incorporating their culture into these songs and audiobooks. 
  • Healthy & Holistic Impact since music is a great way to encourage physical activity and responsible practices. 

The following list includes the name of the individuals you will hear from in our songs and audiobooks.

  • Sorimar Santiago (Maple Grove Director)
  • Addy Nuñez (Lead Teacher at Edina Center)
  • Jairo Coronel (Previous Lead Teacher at Maple Grove Center)
  • Tammy Santander (Financial Administrator)
  • Natalie Standridge (Founder and CEO)
  • Katie Herdan (Staff Development Coordinator)
  • Awilda Rodriguez (Previous Lead Teacher through the International Teaching Program at Kingfield Center)
  • Paul Peterson (MN Music Hall of Fame)
  • Taylor Peterson (Singer-songwriter from MN)
  • Yohan Amparo (Winner of The Voice: Dominican Republic 2021)
  • Mike Pineda (Artist, producer, and singer from Mexico)
  • Daniel Pollock and Anne Passon (Casa parents in MN)
  • More than 20 artists, musicians, and voice-over actors from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Venezuela, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.
casa members singing for 100 voices of casa
casa members signing for 1 voices of casa

What innovative projects will you come up with in your own Casa franchise?

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