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5 Tips for Training New Employees

Experiences Casa teachers training a new employee
October 17, 2022

Training a new employee can be a challenge. You’re excited that someone new is joining your team, but along with taking the time to train them, you still have to do your job. So in the middle of this excitement and stress, you might neglect training a bit and leave the individual to figure things out on their own, making them feel anxious about entering this new role. 

The training process is vital to ensure that your new team member is aware of expectations, gets the necessary tools to grow/ do their job, and feels confident and welcomed by their colleagues. Training someone takes time and patience, but everyone benefits when it is done sincerely. Here are five great tips for training new employees.

One: Have Detailed SOPs

SOPs, or Standard Operating Procedures, are guides that detail essential information on a specific job task, such as updating a database, uploading data, or editing a document. A detailed guide with images or video tutorials is vital to direct people through these processes. Have these guides ready before the individual begins. Ask someone who has never done that task before to follow your instructions and see if they can complete them. Then, incorporate their feedback into the SOPs to capture everything. An excellent SOP will have step-by-step directions, what to do in the case of an exception, any relevant contacts, item locations, and any special notes such as expectations: the more detail they have, the better. 

Two: Ask How They Learn Best

Each person learns differently, and some need more training than others. Ask them before they begin how they learn best so you can accommodate them. For example, do they benefit from walking through tasks with someone? Set up meetings to go over new tasks and walk through them while answering questions. Are they someone who wants written instructions? Gather all of your SOPs in one place. Learning will be more effective, and training time will decrease. 

Three: Set up Meetings to Meet the Team and Include them in Key Meetings

You will most likely have worked as a team for a few months or even years. And your new hire will be stepping right into that. Thus, ask everyone to introduce themselves and talk about their role. New employees want to work for you and want to grow. These introductions help them get to know the team and develop career goals. 

Additionally, key meetings help individuals see company culture/dynamics and help them understand their division or company. Observing these meetings could also help veteran colleagues get new feedback and ideas. 

teachers attending a session for how to train new employees in their classrooms.
Four: Provide Constant Feedback During the First Six Months

Feedback is an excellent way for people to learn and understand their work better. Tell them what they are doing well and any areas they can improve on. Praise is essential in building confidence in their work. By boosting their trust in themselves, they will try new things and feel comfortable when providing new ideas. Mention their efforts in large team meetings. On the other hand, let them know how they can improve. Be kind and provide any resources that might help them develop. 

Five: Be Available

During those first couple of days, it is essential to be available. If you know their official start date, avoid planning any vacations or day-long meetings during those two weeks. If you have long meetings that cannot be moved, set them up with someone else who will be able to help them or set them up with tasks that they already know. Be open and friendly when they contact you and take the time to answer questions thoroughly. 

Casa sticker which reads "professional development". Part of our core ideas for training new employees.

How will you ensure successful training for new hires in your own Casa franchise

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