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Best Children’s Books

December 20, 2021

During the upcoming holiday season, families have time off from school or work to spend quality time together. There are many fun activities that families can share, one of which is reading aloud from popular children’s books. There are many ways that childhood books can be fun for the whole family. Those who can read can take turns reading aloud while the little ones listen. The family can act out the book with everyone taking the part of a character in the story. If there is a movie of the book, you can read and watch both and discuss which offered the better experience. Here are some of the best books for kids around preschool age for you and your family to enjoy over the holidays.

What Types of Books Are Best for Preschool Children?

The best books for preschool children are those that they can engage with. You want to choose books that encourage interaction in the form of comments and questions. Reading aloud should not be an activity in which your child is passive. You should actively look for ways your child can “help” with the reading and foster dialogue and critical thinking by asking questions about the text. Here are some examples of currently popular children’s books among parents and teachers.

Mrs. Peanuckle’s Alphabet” series by Mrs. Peanuckle

Learning the alphabet is a vital first step towards learning to read. The “Mrs. Peanuckle” series takes a unique approach. Each book in the series is centered around a specific theme, such as fruits or vegetables, flowers or trees, birds or bugs. For every letter of the alphabet, an example is provided from the given category, and engaging facts about each are given. The illustrations are of mixed media.

“Where, Oh Where is Baby Bear?” by Ashley Wolff

This book is one of a series involving Baby Bear. In this installment, Baby Bear wants to explore when his Mama takes him out one night to find food. He turns up someplace new every time his mother calls for him. This book helps children learn more about a bear’s habitat while helping to build vocabulary. The books in the series all stand out because of the detailed illustrations made using a linocut technique.

What Books Should I Read to My 4 Year Old?

By the time your child is four years old, they should have a good familiarity with the alphabet. Your child may start showing the ability to start recognizing words on their own. The best books for kids at this age can start moving away from the rudiments of reading and start tackling some more complex subject matter.

“The Book With No Pictures” by B.J. Novak

B.J. Novak is better known to adults as an actor and comedian who rose to fame as a cast member on the American version of “The Office.” Therefore, it stands to reason that “The Book With No Pictures” has a reputation for being side-splittingly funny. The book celebrates the written word and shows kids that even books with no pictures can be fun. It may motivate them to learn to read and take a more active part in the enjoyment.

“Corduroy” by Don Freeman

“Corduroy” was first published in 1968 and became an instant classic among childhood books. At four years old, children start to spend more time outside the family sphere and socialize more with peers. Parents can ask children to compare the relationship between Lisa and Corduroy and explore why this is such a popular book for kids.

What Are the Best Books for 5 Year Olds?

By this age, it is common for children to start to read on their own. This means that they can take a more active role in choosing the books and participating in reading aloud as a family. Here are some books to help enhance your child’s love of reading while building their skills.

“Look Up!” by Nathan Bryon

This book is about a passionate and proactive young girl who calls herself Rocket and finds creative ways to share what she is learning about space with others despite her apathetic older brother. Rocket’s role model is astronaut Mae Jemison, a real-life figure who was the first African American woman in space. Jemison is entirely worthy of both Rocket’s and the reader’s admiration. However, Rocket serves as an inspiring role model in her own right. This book encourages kids of all backgrounds to pursue their passions, whatever they might be.

“We Eat Bananas” by Katie Abey

This is a book about different animals eating a wide variety of meals, some fairly realistic but most wildly implausible. This is not a book that teaches what animals eat in the real world. Rather, it is a fanciful tale meant to engage children’s imaginations while offering other educational opportunities to interact with the test by identifying colors, counting, etc.

“Ravi’s Roar” by Tom Percival

At this age, when children are getting ready to start school, learning to regulate their emotions is a critical skill. “Ravi’s Roar” illustrates the importance of keeping one’s temper while still being assertive when necessary. It is a surprisingly sophisticated concept to teach to young children but vital for survival in a complex adult world. While “Ravi’s Roar” has something to offer all children, the youngest in the family are likely to particularly empathize with the title character, and empathy is another vital skill for children to learn at an age when they are predisposed to self-centeredness, according to Jean Piaget’s stages of development.

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