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Casa teacher at an Colombia independence day festival

Country of the Month: Colombia!

Colombia, also known as the gateway to South America, is a diversified country full of culture and a joyous population! Nature provides beautiful mountains, desserts, and beaches. And on the man-made side – historical ruins, native architecture, and modern cities. Our Country of the Month allows us to share even more experiences, and explore new…

celebrating our country of the month, mexico at casa

Country of the Month: Mexico!

What comes to mind when you think of Mexico? Maybe your mind starts thinking about tacos and wondering how “traditional” fast food tacos really are. Perhaps your mind excavates the small amount of information you know about the Aztecs and their incredible monument, Chichén Itzá. Mexico is a bountiful country with incredible experiences. Each state…

teachers from Casa sharing their culture from ecuador

Country of the Month: Ecuador!

As you anxiously await for your nine-hour flight to Ecuador to finally land, you review what you know about this country. You remember that it is culture-packed, diverse, and full of history! That it has a history of making large contributions to the environmental sciences, and that this region boasts a beautiful tropical climate and…

Casa teachers standing in childcare hallway from venezuela

Country of the Month: Venezuela

This month at Casa we are looking forward to sharing the wonderful traditions from Venezuela with our children at our childcare centers! They will have an authentic experience as our teachers from Venezuela proudly share their culture through stories, lessons, and regional dances. Since we as parents would most likely love to be in these…

Casa employee celebrating with friends in the Dominican Republic- jumping together in the air

Country of the Month: Dominican Republic

Beautiful beaches, lively music, and a love for baseball. If these are the only things that come to mind when you think of the Dominican Republic, our Country of the Month, then keep reading – there is so much more to learn! The Dominican Republic is found on the island of Hispaniola which also houses…