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Parent Blog Post: Tanya!

child celebrating their first birthday at casa
June 2, 2022

At Casa, we prioritize quality care and our community. Leading with love has been one of the reasons why we have been welcomed by so many families, and is what sets us apart from others in the industry. Our tours are a vital and key turning point for many families during their childcare decision making process. Everything they have heard about a center comes to life at that moment. Read this testimonial by one of our Casa parents, Tanya, as she recalls the first time she knew Casa was the right choice, and why she chose to enroll all her children with us!

When thinking about why we chose to enroll in Casa nearly 6 years ago, a number of things come to mind. The first was language. I knew I wanted my children to experience the richness of learning, culture, and life that comes from learning a second language. We felt this not only expands their world in their youth but will continue to be important as they become adults and members of an increasingly global community.

The next reason we chose Casa came when I did my initial center tour. The facility was beautiful, the home-made organic meal plan was phenomenal, and the way Casa incorporates learning and fun into all of the everyday activities was exactly what we hoped for. 

But it was really the staff that set Casa apart. From the moment I walked in, you could feel the warmth and love the teachers had for each of the children. This feeling was cemented even further when I brought my oldest son in for a visit before his first day of daycare. His teachers in Infants A scooped him up, embraced him, and I felt like we were among family. The teachers are so much more than just instructors, they love each child like one of their own and make them feel so special and loved each day. My son, now 5.5, still greets his Infants A teacher with a giant smile, hug, and jumps into her arms anytime we see her. This type of relationship is so magical and unique to Casa.

As my son got older our love for Casa grew, and when it was time to look for care for our other children We chose Casa once again! The opportunities they have to learn about so many different countries, customs, cultures and perspectives is so beautiful. They all love playing with their friends, creating projects, learning new things and telling me about the activities they do each day. And we absolutely love when the kids use their Spanish vocabulary. We know Casa is helping to set them up for a lifelong love of learning!

-Tanya, Casa Parent

children playing in a slide at casa
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