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Casa Work Culture

Leadership staff taking a picture together representing our Casa culture
February 17, 2022

In our previous blog post, What to Consider Before Buying a Casa Franchise, one of the points was, what is the work culture like? Diving into this question and reflecting on it is important as a franchise owner because you are stepping into a business with an established identity. For this reason, embracing the work culture and values is a must to comfortably lead your team and adequately represent Casa.

Casa Work Culture:
  • Our core values are our guiding principles and we uphold them in every situation.
  • Everyone is treated like family.
  • We have a passionate team mentality.
  • Our team has fun and celebrates each other.
  • The EOS model is a crucial part of how we operate.

Staff at our edina center taking a group picture representing our work culture
Everyone is Treated Like Family

One of the first things you’ll notice if you spend a day at a center, is that everyone is treated like family. This work culture naturally builds trust, respect, and collaboration amongst our great team. These values propel us forward to solve issues immediately, instead of hoping they eventually go away. At other companies, when these values are not seen, teams usually do not get much done and are afraid to speak up to avoid any disagreements. Because of the foundation we have built, we can bring up issues and know that it will not be taken personally. Our discussions are collaborative and help us come up with the best solution using everyone’s input.

Team Mentality, While looking to Improve

Having a team mentality while always trying to improve Casa is part of our identity. We constantly strive to be better and embrace innovation to help our company grow. And passion is a must, as we are positively impacting a new generation and helping be mindful of others. We believe that the work we do is important and as many people as possible should be impacted by it.

Celebrating Each Other

Our team has fun and celebrates each other, thus raising team morale. Acknowledging each other’s work ethic is a good thing, as many times employees at other companies only hear this during their yearly performance reviews and could lose motivation throughout the year. Sometimes work can be hard, and for that reason, celebrating and vocalizing gratitude for each other is crucial to lift spirits and maintain quality.

We Follow the EOS Model

Lastly, at Casa we follow the EOS model. This model is a set of tools to keep the company’s best interest in mind while helping its employees grow. These concepts have allowed Casa to better manage and accomplish more without burning anyone out. Ever since adopting this program, we have found that we are able to solve issues more effectively and meet our goals. 

If being a part of this team intrigues you, click here to inquire about owning your own Casa!

Sticker reading yo soy casa y tú? representing out work culture.
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