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Employee Story: Pablo Valero

Casa staff Pablo smiles before he shares his employee story
May 19, 2022

Pablo Valero has been a big part of our Casa community over the last 10 years. He has formed valuable relationships with those he works with and continues to uphold the Casa values every day. Get to know the most beloved employee at Casa, Pablo, as he describes his time at Casa. 

I met Natalie Standridge through mutual friends and was asked if I would like to work at Casa. At the time I did not know much about taking care of children or child care centers. However, I really liked the idea of working in something different than what I was currently doing. I wasn’t going to lose anything if I tried, thus began my journey with Casa de Corazón. 

The first weeks and months at Casa were somewhat surprising. Because working at a school was something very new to me. My duties were very different from what I had done in my previous jobs. During those first weeks, I learned so much every single day, and sometimes it was not easy, but I never gave up when doing a new task. Eventually, I was filled with so much information and experience that I wanted to continue to learn new things and get to know other parts of the company. 

Looking back, I’ve had many amazing memories. But the one I remember the most is the time I was working and I was trying to order materials and food online with my first supervisor. And I remember that he said, “Pay attention and see how we do this because eventually, you will be doing all of this”. And I honestly started laughing and I said “Me? I do not think I can do everything that you do!” And he looked at me with a serious face and talked to me about how he was serious and in a short amount of time I could be doing everything he did.

He reminded me that everything is easy, as long as you set your mind to it. I listened and that comment stuck with me. Months later my supervisor moved on from Casa and I was in the position that he had talked to me about and I had to pull in all of my experiences to take over. I was very grateful for my supervisor because he prepared me to become the employee that I am today. 

As I have spent more time working at Casa, Natalie has been the strongest person and the best leader who has helped me get to where I am today. She always has the correct response to alleviate my concerns and has supported me when I needed someone. Natalie is not only the CEO but she is a true leader. She truly knows all of the components that make up Casa. 

Pablo, casa employee showing children what different tools do.

Some of my favorite things about Casa is that I am personally able to contribute to the education, security, and development of children. I am able to play with the children and it is an invaluable experience. I love walking past their classrooms and they will yell my name, it is indescribable. Another thing I love about Casa is that I get to meet a lot of different teachers from different nationalities. I get to make friends with people from different cultures. It is beautiful to see the exchange of experiences, traditions, and food. It is always the highlight of my day. 

Our work environment is healthy and professional and I love that we all get to socialize and get to know each other. Everyone treats each other with respect, tranquility, and trust. 

To those who are just starting out at Casa, I would advise them to enjoy this job and be a happy employee. Use this job as a tool to leave a positive long-lasting impact on children. There is no better feeling than seeing a child grow and knowing that you have helped them.

Pablo, Casa Staff

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