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Impact of our 2021 1K For Kids

child from NPH smiling for the 1K for kids
June 9, 2022

As we get ready for this year’s 1K For Kids, we look back at the great organization we donated our funds to last year, NPH Mexico! NPH Mexico is an organization that supports orphans by providing them with a home and quality education to be successful in life. This organization has various locations across Mexico with the same goal. Learn more about NPH Mexico and find out how our community has positively impacted the lives of many children!

NPH Mexico

NPH Mexico currently cares for over 700 orphans in Mexico. Who were brought to the organization’s homes after living in unsafe conditions or were abandoned. Although expenses and difficulties are ever-growing, they never turn a child away and instead welcome them with open arms. NPH Mexico was started back in 1954 by Fr. William Wasson and due to the devastation of Hurricane Hilda in 1955, the home quickly increased to a capacity of 69 boys. In 2021, NPH Mexico welcomed 33 children, of which, 70% lived in extreme poverty or in indigenous communities where education is not available. Over the years, they have geared their resources to opening more homes. Additionally, they implemented programs to support the well-being of these children, provide medical care, teach them valuable life skills, and give them work experience to reach financial independence. 

High-quality education is a top priority as this is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and abandonment. It is their mission that all their children secure their first job with dignity. Many children will go on to attend universities in Mexico City or Monterrey! Last year, 165 of their children graduated from high school and 9 are now university graduates with Engineering degrees!

The Casa Connection

We are so thankful to all of our all who supported this caring organization! Together, we raised $14,315.30. Your generosity changed the lives of these children. It allowed NPH Mexico to allocate their money to buy books/materials to support their education. And initiate a new program to teach children about wise money spending. 

children from NPH mexico studying with new books thanks to the 1K for kids.
children from nph mexico giving thanks to the 1K for kids
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