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Casa Teacher Interview: Ms. Ariadna

February 21, 2022

The first time I met Ariadna she was wearing holiday pajamas. She had two little children snuggled at her side falling asleep to her humming. 

This month Ms. Ariadna Torres is our featured teacher! You can see early on how amazing she is with children and how lucky we are to have her be part of our Casa family. 

Ariadna has been with us for 3 years, learn more about her! 

Casa Teacher Ariadna with child on scarf day
Why did you choose Casa?

I love the idea of Spanish-immersion schools and I think they are great for children. I was working at another program similar to Casa, but I wanted to leave because I didn’t like their system or culture. At Casa I get everything. I get to work with children, people are very friendly, and I have great relationships with my colleagues and the parents! 

How is Casa different from other schools?

Casa is different because we as teachers truly care about the children and we are really invested. We want to see them learn, and we feed them good food. At Casa we are more caring and loving which I had not seen at the other place I worked at. 

What is your favorite Casa core value?

My favorite core value is Healthy and Holistic Impact! Living a healthy lifestyle is very important, especially for our children. When they are healthy they learn better, feel better, are sick less often, and when they are older they will be healthier. 

What inspires you to keep teaching?

Seeing that children at this age are very curious and want to learn everything really inspires me! I love how they have lots of motivation and are always asking me to teach them new things and what I will teach next month. They keep me on my toes! 

What have you learned from your students?

I’ve learned a lot about honesty and feelings. Children are very honest and I appreciate that! Children also show all their feelings in any situation, so when they do I want to help them manage them and express themselves better. 

How do you create a good learning environment?

We teach them the rules they have to follow so that everyone has fun at Casa. And I always make sure to give them love, be calm and patient. 

How do you share your culture with the children? 

This is one of the things I love at Casa because I can share my culture which is very important to me through food and language. I tell them stories of when I was a little kid, of my family, and my grandma. They love hearing those stories and they ask many questions!

Fun Questions:

If you had a superpower what would it be? Reading children’s minds.

Favorite restaurant? Any Vietnamese restaurant!

What’s your favorite dessert? Flan! 

Favorite children’s book?Abiyoyo. It’s about a monster and I love it because the kids sing the song really loudly with big smiles!

Casa teacher Ms. Ariadna with two other teachers and children on denim day
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