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Meet Javi: Our Human Resources Specialist!

picture of javi our human resources specialist and contributor to our casa franchise team
June 23, 2022

Meet Javi, our Human Resources Specialist! Javi has been an integral part of Casa’s transformation in the last 6 years. When she first graduated with a double major in Communications and Hispanic Studies, Javi wanted to be able to use her degrees and found Casa. She began as an Administrative Assistant, then moved on to become a Center Director, until eventually, she moved into her current position. Javi feels fortunate to have been growing with Casa both professionally and personally! Find out more as she shares why Casa is so unique and how our staff is different from any other center in the industry. 

When was the moment you realized that Casa was a unique place?

Immediately! I remember feeling so welcomed and comfortable. My first day here was Costume Day and it was such a fun celebration. Seeing the joy it brought the students and the fun the teachers were having was wonderful. Over time that realization has only grown in different ways, especially since becoming a parent and having that new perspective. It’s a unique place not only for the families and students but for staff members as well. 

What is your favorite Casa Core Value and Why?

Extended Family. It’s hard to choose but I think this is one that I see daily. In everything, Casa does and works towards. The relationships built and grown, the way we strive to find the best for our staff and students, and also personally the relationships I’ve been able to have and grow with my colleagues. They are more than just colleagues, they are my family. I also see this core value in the way my son is growing and learning at Casa. The way he is loved but also the way he loves his amigos because he is following the example his teachers give. 

What has been your favorite memory working at Casa?

It is hard to pick just one when you have almost 7 years of memories, but I absolutely love all of our fun days and intercultural celebrations, especially the 1K for Kids and Staff Picnic. These celebrations and the Casa family are so much fun and what makes this community so special. The 1K is really special for me as it began the year after I began at Casa and I have watched it grow. I love that we are impacting other communities and collaborating internationally.

What would you like others to know about Casa?

It goes along with our extended family core value, we truly believe that everyone who comes through our doors is extended family and we treat them that way. We care about every child’s learning but also their well-being, what makes them happy, and your family too. We care about our staff members in all ways, the benefits we offer, the wages we offer, the environment we create and encourage in our centers, their families, 

What do you look for when hiring someone at any level?

That they have a passion for learning and a love for children. Learning is a continuous journey. To ensure we are always providing the best care and education to our students, everyone at Casa has to be open to learning and growing. And of course, love for children is essential and at the core of Casa. Building those relationships with students is so important to their development and growth. 

Why is our work important?

It is important because we are supporting children to develop socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically. Beyond that we are their first experience in an educational setting. So we are helping to set them up with a solid foundation for learning! I also think that it is so great that they can learn from each other, socialize, begin learning Spanish, and reap the developmental benefits of bilingualism. 

Why is our Visa program important?

The program connects Casa with amazing teachers who bring their years of experience and educational background to Casa students, families, and colleagues! It’s so amazing to watch the relationships built through this program and how we are all able to learn from each other. I also think it’s a really great opportunity for both personal and professional growth for those who come to Minnesota. I have loved hearing and seeing the joy they share from their experiences here. Like seeing snow for the first time. Or learning about how education works in Minnesota and how it differs from their countries.

casa franchise sticker reading "a second home with heart" which is also a slogan used by our human resources specialist

How will you use Javi, our Human Resources Specialist, as a resource in your own Casa franchise?

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