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Meet Kelly: Franchise Development and Support Specialist

Kelly: Franchise Development and Support Specialist
February 24, 2022

Meet Kelly Peterson our Franchise Development and Support Specialist. Kelly has worked at Casa for over four years, and with her creativity and expertise has helped us open and support our current franchise locations. Before her current role, Kelly worked as a Center Director at our Edina location. When she was a director, she experienced everything a franchise will go through, what support they will need, and what people are looking for when choosing a daycare. Thus, Kelly’s experiences have made her a valuable asset and amazing resource. 

What sets Casa apart from other companies in the industry?

Well, we started 20 years ago and there was nothing like us. Still today, our ideas and innovation set us apart and we strive to make everyone’s lives at Casa better. But at the end of the day, something we have that no one else ever will have is the people who work at Casa. We take pride in our core values and take them seriously. We are proud of who we are and have nothing to hide, which I think is another differentiator in our industry.

How do you build trust between you and a franchise owner?

The biggest thing is that I work with them through problems in real-time. Another thing is that I ran a center for two years, so they know that I have been in many different situations and know how to handle them well. 

How do you maintain good communication with the franchises?

I check in with them and prioritize their urgent issues that come up outside of our normal meeting times, so they know first hand that I am going to be there when they need support. I also get to see them in person a few times each year which solidifies that partnership that we build all year round!

What are some things people should consider before franchising?

A few things – first I always like to ask what people want to get out of their job. If they want to impact future generations, this is an incredible opportunity to have a widespread impact. I also encourage people to consider how their family will be involved. Here at Casa, the whole family is welcomed into the Casa Familia, so we want everyone to be on board and to understand what owning a Casa looks like!

What characteristics does a successful Casa franchise owner have?

They are dedicated and energized by what Casa is, and most importantly, they embody our core values and work to spread those in their own community.

How would opening a franchise in another state positively impact that community?

It would bring authentic, intercultural experiences to that community. Our program not only serves children, but also their families. Parents build close relationships with our teachers, who are Spanish speakers and many times are from different countries, which enriches our Casa Familia even more. We receive constant feedback from families about how this intercultural exchange has impacted them.

Another beautiful thing I see is how that community comes together. People realize that this level of high-quality child care is possible! We chose the franchise model so we could have local owners connecting with the kids, staff and families every day. We love the opportunity to grow our community and continue impacting all who come into our program.

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