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      It’s not always an easy task to take your infant to daycare. Having a provider that offers the best care possible and you trust makes a difference in utilizing them as your primary source for infant daycare. Casa de Corazón is Maple Grove’s top infant care center. With a staff that cares for each child individually, you can rest assured that your baby is well taken care of throughout their day. At Casa de Corazón, we care for children of all ages, including daycare for newborns in a safe and loving environment.

      Casa de Corazón’s Nurturing Environment

      At Casa de Corazón, we strive to create a loving and nurturing daycare and infant care experience for your children. Parents in the Maple Grove, MN, area are confident with our services and continue to enroll in our programs.  As we grow and develop our new locations, we meet and exceed the needs of parents who commute on a daily basis. Our infant care center is conveniently located in the Maple Grove neighborhood.

      We are delighted and proud of our unique infant daycare program. Through enriching activities, gentle and professionally trained staff, and our Spanish immersion program, we achieve an extraordinary atmosphere for your baby to grow. You will be confident in the knowledge that your infant’s engagement increases daily and thrilled with the progress and growth you witness. At Casa de Corazón, our Spanish immersion daycare staff look forward to caring for and teaching your children and ensuring they thrive in every environment.

      Spanish Immersion Infant Care 

      Casa de Corazón is the premier Spanish immersion daycare in the state. Our program was developed over the years to provide your children with an effortless comprehension and fluency in Spanish. We partner our language education with every age level of our childcare, including infant and newborn daycare. There are many advantages to learning another language. Existing data supports that children who learn multiple languages at an early age demonstrate higher levels of engagement in learning, education, and social interaction. Additionally, children who learn a foreign language retain information at a higher capacity than children who do not speak multiple languages. It is never too young to begin the Spanish immersion process, which is why we incorporate it into our infant childcare. Through our approach your child will have the opportunity to learn Spanish and speak it on a native level.

      Speak with our Childcare Specialists Today

      Our infant daycare center in Maple Grove, MN, uses a variety of engaging and stimulating activities when caring for your baby. Our professional care providers use songs, games, playtime, and reading circles to inspire curiosity in a warm and safe atmosphere. At Casa de Corazón, our infant activity has a particular objective that fulfills the higher goal of enriching the lives of each child. Contact us today by calling 763-416-3992.