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The Benefits of Water Play for Kids

June 27, 2023

Water, in all its simplicity, is an exciting way to entertain children while also teaching them about themselves and their world. The benefits of water play are many, making it an important activity to include at home and in early learning environments throughout the year. Through water play, toddlers and preschoolers will see improvement in various physical, social, and emotional skills, which is why it is a prominent activity in educational programs. 

What is Water Play? 

Water play allows children to play with water and developmentally appropriate tools. The water may be in a water table designed for children or even just a large tub. The tools offered to children include cups, spoons, containers, and various toys. Children may be given directions or suggestions for exploring the water and given the freedom to explore the water and tools as they see fit. 

Benefits of Water Play in Early Childhood 

Water play for kids has many benefits, so introducing different activities and allowing children to experiment with water throughout early childhood is encouraged. 

Develops Motor Skills

Children are constantly developing their gross and fine motor skills through different activities, and water play presents many opportunities for all ages and stages of development. 

  • Infants transition through reaching, grasping, and using a pincer grip.
  • Scooping and pouring allow children to fill and empty different-sized containers in different ways, developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Carrying larger, heavier pots of water will strengthen larger muscles and improve gross motor skills.
  • Wading and swimming develop stamina, core strength and coordination.

Improves Concentration 

As children work to solve problems or get lost in play, they develop the ability to concentrate for extended periods. Improved focus is beneficial in all avenues of life, including formal learning. 

Emotionally Therapeutic

Water can have an exceedingly therapeutic effect on children. The simple, repetitive act of running fingers through water or scooping and pouring water can feel tranquil and relaxing for many children. As they relax and focus, they simply unwind. 

Develops Social Skills

Taking turns, sharing toys, and developing spatial awareness are critical skills for young children. Water play is a gentle way for children to transition from spectating to parallel play, as they may imitate other children. They may also be more inclined to engage in cooperative play as they work together to fill a bucket or experiment with floating and sinking objects. In addition, water play in preschool develops social skills and is a great way to build friendships. 

Tension Relief

Water is often an excellent way for children to release tension. Splashing water, tossing water balloons, or running through sprinklers is an easy way for children to burn excess energy. 

Build Language & Communication Skills

The variety of activities and tools you can introduce through water play opens many avenues for imaginary play, discussion, and vocabulary. Playing with peers also helps children develop their interpersonal communication skills. 

Enrichment Activities at Casa de Corazón

At Casa de Corazón, we offer a variety of unique and interesting activities to enhance student learning and offer new opportunities for social, cultural, and environmental growth and development. These enrichment activities may include: 

  • Cultural Celebrations 
  • Parent Volunteers
  • Field Trips 
  • SMART Tables
  • Water Play Days
  • and more! 

Spanish Immersion Early Learning Programs 

Casa de Corazón offers classes and childcare for infants through Pre-K and enrichment programs. Our Spanish immersion programs are designed to help children grow and thrive in a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment. From music to reading to water play, our programs are educational, exciting, and developmentally appropriate. We encourage you to contact us to learn about our summer classes and camps or request a tour of our campus. 

Image Source: The Childhood/Shutterstock

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