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casa teacher showing off costa rica shirt

Country of the Month: Costa Rica!

Traversing through ice-covered sidewalks. Bundled in layer after layer after layer. Losing feeling in your nose. Haven’t seen the sun in ages. And as you expose your bare hand to the ice-cold winds to reach for the door, you think of that commercial, “Want to get away?”. You answer quietly to yourself, “Yes!” Trust us,…

Childrens Art | Casa De Corazon

Supporting Cultural Diversity In The Classroom

Diversity is an integral part of what we do at Casa de Corazón. Our local community is populated by people with diverse cultural backgrounds who have so much to offer. Unfortunately, diversity is not always celebrated in education, with some schools failing to elevate what makes students unique.  Why Is Diversity Important in Education? Diversity…

collage of Casa team visiting NPH Mexico

Our Experiences at NPH Mexico!

Written By Natalie Standridge, CEO & Founder, Casa de Corazón Have you ever had a moment where you felt like all the random components of your life suddenly made sense? Like the plethora of crazy and convoluted experiences you have navigated thus far, the suffering and the joy, the grit and the serendipity, were perfectly…

Happy Class | Casa De Corazon

Building Genuine Relationships With Families

We know that building a partnership between parents and teachers is crucial for our little ones. It can be difficult to cross certain barriers as some teachers might not feel comfortable giving advice to parents. As a Center Director or Franchise Owner, you must first work to establish genuine relationships with your families. Establishing these…

child celebrating our country of the month, guatemala

Country of the Month: Guatemala!

What led you to this blog? Was it the fact that your little one is attending Casa and you would like to know more about the Country of the Month? Was it that you were trying to find another page on our website but somehow ended up here? Or was it that you were researching…

celebrating día de todos los santos

Celebrating Día de Todos Los Santos

Have you ever heard of Día de Todos Los Santos? Día de Todos Los Santos, or All Saints Day, is a unique holiday where individuals celebrate those who have passed away with big celebrations, flowers, and by visiting their graves. At first glance, many people think that this celebration is the same as Mexico’s Day…

casa employee wearing traditional dress from Honduras

Country of the Month: Honduras!

Nestled between Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala, Honduras is an inviting place many people know little about. It hides its beautiful treasures awaiting explorers to slowly uncover its culture, landscape, and history through their travels. We are excited to dive into a new culture with our little ones as we begin October! We will learn…

hand with multiple latin flags to celebrate hispanic heritage month

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Casa!

“Not all of the contributions made by Hispanic Americans to our society are so visible or so widely celebrated. However, Hispanic Americans have enriched our nation beyond measure with the quiet strength of closely knit families and proud communities.” President George Bush September 15th through October 18th is a very important time at Casa. Why?…

casa team at the staff picnic which is one of our ways to create a positive work environment

Creating a Positive Work Environment

Creating a positive work environment is a must with the stress and pressure many are feeling during and coming out of this pandemic. Doing things to actively engage employees and increase their wellbeing promotes better mental health. Happier employees tend to stay longer at their company, deliver higher quality of work, and be more productive….