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What is the 1K For Kids?

cutting the ribbon at our 1K for kids walk
June 6, 2022

The 1K For Kids is an annual event led by Casa to fundraise and raise awareness for a non-profit organization in Latin America. Our community comes together and walks one kilometer in honor of this organization. This year we are proud to support NPH El Salvador and support the families of this beautiful country on June 11th. Don’t know what this event is? Continue reading and find out how you can support the 1K For Kids & NPH El Salvador!

How did the 1K For Kids begin?

In 2016, Casa was going through a crucial moment trying to define our communal identity. We were looking for ways in which we could bring our community together. We decided the best way to do so was through an activity that would have an international impact, support a non-profit organization, and focus on relationship building. Thus, the 1K For Kids idea was born! After much convincing and many meetings this event was officially green-lit for the summer of 2016. And so, families from each center came together for this small yet powerful event to walk for Quiéreme Como Soy, a non-profit organization in the Dominican Republic. 

Many members of our community love this event because we get to meet each other’s families outside of work/school, exercise to promote a healthy lifestyle, and children get to learn about the importance of being socially responsible.

families walking through a yellow balloon arch celebrating the 1K for kids
Why is the 1K For Kids important?

The 1K For Kids is important because we not only get to unite our community, but we are also raising awareness for issues Latin America and the Hispanic community are facing. Our immediate community gets to meet each other and meet local businesses/government agencies who participate in our event. This is one way we show our support for the Hispanic community. And rally to change the lives of individuals who need our help. Another reason this event is important is that we, as Casa, are able to clearly communicate our identity. All of our Core Values are seen one way or another in this event. We hope to continue to positively impact those around us and promote healthy values! 

How does the 1K For Kids actually help these countries?

We collect funds through T-Shirt and sponsor packages and donate them to a non-profit in Latin America that has an American counterpart. This way we ensure that the money goes directly to the organization. The funds go towards building houses, repairing schools, building parks, providing food, or anything else the organization deems necessary for that community! We later receive a summary of how the fund distribution. 

What can you expect?

When you arrive at 9:00 AM, expect to see smiling faces, family-friendly activities, and intercultural presentations! Our event will start off with a short speech from Natalie Standridge, Founder & CEO of Casa, to thank everyone for coming and cutting the ribbon to start our walk. Throughout the path, you will see stands to learn more about the non-profit organization we are walking for. Additionally, there will be gifts, and messages from our sponsors. However, the event is not over, families are then welcomed to join our celebration. Where we will have food, games, and entertainment available to everyone. 

intercultural presentation at the 1K for kids

Support this year’s 1K For Kids by buying a bracelet, which is also your ticket to the event, purchasing tickets for our raffle items, or becoming a sponsor!

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