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Why are our core values important to our families?

infants coloring a flag representing one of our core values
September 26, 2022

When starting a business, you want to reflect and view your business as an individual with a personality. You want to ask yourself what values you want it to have to ultimately guide its decisions. This is part of developing a brand. But most importantly this process allows you to bring people together to further your mission. At Casa, we spent years developing our Core Values, and now that they are set, it has helped us provide a great experience to our families. Find out why our Core Values are important to Lauren’s family! 

After having our little one at Casa de Corazón for the last year, I am continually impressed by the love and care shown by the teachers and staff every day. When we were searching for a child care provider, Casa’s core values were something that really excited us about joining the Casa family. It’s easy to see many of them in practice each week, but two that have really been important to our family are Healthy & Holistic Impact  and Life-Changing Innovation.

As first-time parents, sending our son to daycare during the middle of a pandemic was stressful, to say the least. I could not have been more impressed with how well Casa has managed everything to keep families and their children healthy and safe. Throughout the year, they worked hard to keep parents updated and involved in the decisions made to ensure the health and safety of everyone. This was just one way that Casa truly showed a Healthy & Holistic Impact in a way that we could see every day.

Casa’s commitment to Life-Changing Innovation shows in more ways than one. Before becoming a parent, I thought daycare activities would involve lots of brightly colored toys, storytime, and lots of naps. The teachers at Casa put so much thought and care into every month’s curriculum. I love the focus that is put on a different Spanish-speaking country each month, and our family works hard to incorporate the words of the month as much as we can. I also love that the Casa App helps us stay informed about holiday celebrations, theme days, monthly menus, and see photos of our little guy throughout the day!

It has been amazing to see our son grow and develop over the last year, and we are thankful for how much of an impact Casa has had on him. We can’t wait to see him continue to blossom as a part of the Casa family!

-Lauren, Casa Parent

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