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Our Core Values

Living Whole-Heartedly

A Second Home

At Casa de Corazón®, we embrace living whole-heartedly. We express gratitude for the families and children who attend, and for our staff who create a warm, comfortable, and loving environment for all. We take pride in fostering authentic connections with each and every person throughout our centers.

You’ll love our teachers!

Our staff are caring, respectful, and include some of the best early childhood teachers around. They greet children with hugs and glee each morning, and hold and comfort children throughout the day to build secure relationships. Casa de Corazón teachers create a safe, loving, and comfortable community for children and families through warmth, dedication, and a loving attachment. Parents and families look to Casa de Corazón for teachers that they can trust.

Incorporating Social Responsibility

We show compassion by acting kind towards others and giving back to the community through sponsoring non-profit events, partnering with local businesses, and incorporating social responsibility into our curriculum. We offer various activities that give children a chance to practice the skills that they are learning throughout the year. For instance, the children participate in a Trike-A-Thon to benefit St. Jude’s Research Hospital. During bike safety week we raise funds for this amazing cause, and children get a chance to bring their trikes to school to practice their bike safety knowledge. We also host a book drive where we encourage families to bring in gently used books. These books are then donated to an organization that finds them new homes, all while children are learning the importance of helping others.