Trabaja con nosotros — Aplica hoy y únete a la gran familia de Casa de Corazón.

Our Core Values

Pioneering Interculturality

Cultural Traditions and Diversity

The interaction of different cultures is at the heart of what we do at Casa de Corazón®. We were born as an intercultural program, and over time have built an amazing family. Many of Casa’s teachers come from one of the twenty countries whose official language is Spanish. We focus on a Country of the Month where we celebrate these countries and our staff who call these countries home. Each teacher brings a background filled with cultural traditions, celebrations, arts, and cuisines to share with the children through curriculum and a celebration of diversity.

Celebrating Culture

Every year, we plan an annual calendar filled with fun days, family and community celebrations, and intercultural celebrations. From Día del Niño to Nelson Mandela Day, we immerse our children in culture and an understanding of the diversity that exists in our world.

Woman Holding a Flag
Honoring our Heritage

We strive for equality, justice, and meaningful relationship-building that allows us to honor our heritage while respecting others. While we learn from each other’s cultures, we may also examine our own culture more deeply. Through intercultural community engagement, we allow ourselves to be changed. Read our Statement of Diversity and Inclusion blog post.

International Impact

We are Casa. We are opportunity, diversity, and inclusivity. We create an international impact by collaborating with people and companies from all over North, Central, and South America. We are grateful for the wonderful connections we have made. These collaborators allow Casa to provide innovation, culture, and creativity. It is an honor to work with these incredibly talented individuals.