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Dangerous Toys You Should Avoid Giving to Your Children

April 12, 2022

Toy safety awareness is of the utmost importance. At home, it is the responsibility of parents to spot these dangerous toys to prevent accidents. Parents should look out for potentially hazardous toys for children to prevent dangerous toy hazards. Even though companies try as much as they can to ensure their toys are safe for consumers, accidents can still occur. Read this blog post to learn about dangerous toys. 

You Should Avoid These Toys

Tips for Choosing Suitable Toys

Below are a few tips to help you choose safe and suitable toys for your little ones.

Think Big

Ensure all toys and parts are larger than your kid’s mouth to prevent choking. Avoid toys that shoot objects into the air because they can cause serious eye injuries. Look for well-made toys that are tight with secure edges. Remove any loose strings or ribbons to avoid strangulation. Don’t buy toys with small bean-like pellets or stuffing that could cause suffocation or choking if swallowed.

Read the Label

Make sure you go through labels to know the appropriate toy for your child’s age. Warning labels give crucial information about toy usage and the appropriate age for which the toy is suitable. Check for guidelines published by groups and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). That way, you can easily make purchasing decisions. Another safety measure you can do is showing your kids the proper way to use their new toys.

Since thin plastics easily break into sharp pieces, always buy sturdy plastic toys. Dangerous toys contain toxic materials which could cause poisoning. Check the label to ensure it carries “non-toxic.” Avoid chemistry sets and hobby kits for children below 12 years because they can cause explosions or fires and contain dangerous chemicals.

Toy Dangers You Should Watch For

Here are some toy characteristics you should avoid when shopping for your child:

Sharp Edges and Sharp Points

Toys for older infants could have sharp edges that could harm a little child. Avoid toys made from thin plastics because they could easily break and also avoid giving toys with metal parts to babies and toddlers.

Loud Noises

Toys that make high-pitched or blaring noises, such as toy cap guns, could injure your child’s hearing.

Small Toys with Small Parts

Ensure that toys and parts can’t fit inside a choke tube or an empty toilet paper tube to prevent choking in children three and younger. Soft baby toys should be large enough to avoid swallowing even when pinched down. Keep small toys with small pieces safe and away from your young ones.

Shooting Objects or Flying Toys

These kinds of toys can badly injure your child’s eyes. All toys that come with arrows or other projectiles should have soft tips made out of rubber or cork. Ensure your child wears safety glasses if they use toys that shoot objects.

Electric Toys

Purchase toys that are “UL Approved.” Children should only use toys that heat up above eight years under adult supervision. Don’t make or fix electric toys yourself. Ensure that battery-operated toys come with covers that close with screws to keep the batteries safe inside the product.

Cords and Strings

Toy Safety Information

Toys with strings or cords longer than seven inches could be harmful to infants by wrapping around their necks. Always be aware if your child is near any cords or strings. The best way to protect your kids is to monitor them while playing or put them in a safe place for close monitoring.

Keeping Toys Safe

All toys should be stored in a safe place. Keep them away from the play area and floor when not in use. Your child’s toy chest, if available, should have air holes that are easily opened from the inside. Find out if there is any support on the lid to hold the cover open. Another better choice is using boxes or baskets without caps for storage. Discard plastic wraps and any other packaging immediately.


With so many available toy choices, it can be complicated to know which toys are safest for your child. Pre-K safety is crucial and offers children the opportunity to learn about everyday safety hazards. Dangerous toys are a threat to life. Before buying any toy, check the toy properly to prevent injuries to your kids and other children around them. 

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