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Casa Teacher Interview: Ms. Wilmar

March 21, 2022

Get to know Ms. Wilmar! We have been so lucky to work alongside her these past 3.5 years, and see her build close relationships with parents. Her charisma and smile are contagious and she is loved by everyone. Originally from Venezuela, Ms. Wilmar looks forward to seeing her family and the beaches. Read what makes Ms. Wilmar an amazing teacher at Casa de Corazón!

Why did you choose Casa de Corazón?

When I lived in Venezuela my friends worked with children and when I would help them I really liked it. I would think to myself this is so awesome, so when I found Casa it was my opportunity to do this. Casa de Corazón has allowed me to grow professionally and develop my skills, and other places do not always offer that. 

How is Casa different from other schools?

The aspect of interculturality. In my country we do not learn about others very much, that is why I think the parents and people involved with Casa are so unique. It makes me happy to see that the parents want to get to know our cultures. They get to see how warm, affectionate, and caring we are! 

How would you describe your classroom?

Happy and filled with motivation! I cultivate this environment by always having a good attitude, being happy, and having a desire to make my children laugh. You will see me running to them if I see they are going to start crying when their parents leave and I will comfort them. I think it is important to be happy and have fun every day.

ms. willmar with a child on pijama day! she is a great representation of Casa de Corazón, our daycare/childcare center.
How do you create a good learning environment / loving environment ?

I make sure to make them feel secure and that there is harmony in the classroom. I try to limit any distractions and make sure everyone is focused. If someone is not, I will call out their name and go to them to talk about how important it is for them to pay attention during the activity we are doing. 

I like to also teach my students more things and truly go in depth with the material. With the country of the month I try to tell them as much as I know and have learned and I will introduce them to staff from that country and encourage questions. I want to be impactful with my teaching and that way they retain more information. 

How do you help a student who may be struggling with Spanish?

If they are struggling with Spanish I will emphasize repetition and teach them to never give up. The word Puerto Rico has been giving my students some trouble lately so I will ask them to repeat after me, and I will correct them. But I like to also celebrate their efforts even if they just get Puerto because that way they feel like it’s ok to try and they will start to feel more secure. 

What have you learned from your students?

I have learned a lot about not holding grudges. My children will at one moment be upset about playtime ending but then the next moment when we start reading time they will be happy again! I love that!

What is your favorite memory at Casa?

Definitely the 1K for Kids. I remember the first time I got to participate it was raining so much but it was still one of my favorite days. 

Another favorite memory was this last holiday season when Casa de Corazón put together a video thanking the staff and they had messages from some of our families back home. My family recorded a message and it was incredibly meaningful. I felt thanked and seen by Casa in that video and it was so special to me that Casa went out of their way to contact my family!

What do you hope children remember from Casa? 

The values of sharing and being a caring person. I hope they remember us teachers! I hope they remember all the love we gave them and all the fun days they had. 

Fun Questions:

What was your favorite cartoon as a kid? Snoopy and Keropi (a Venezuelan Cartoon). 

Are you a tea or coffee drinker? Coffee! I like mine with no sugar, some milk, and foam on the top. 

If you won the lottery what would you do? I would buy a house and pay for my child’s education. 

What is your favorite kids movie? Moana and FrozenDo you have a secret talent? I’m a good dancer! 

ms. willmar with a child during a fun day! she is a great representation of Casa de Corazón, our daycare/childcare center.
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