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Building Genuine Relationships With Families

We know that building a partnership between parents and teachers is crucial for our little ones. It can be difficult to cross certain barriers as some teachers might not feel comfortable giving advice to parents. As a Center Director or Franchise Owner, you must first work to establish genuine relationships with your families. Establishing these…

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Back to School Tips

Switching back to study mode after Thanksgiving and Christmas break can be challenging for young children. And it is understandable! They have not had much experience switching back to “routine mode” like older children and adults have. So, how can you help your little one head back to school at Casa de Corazón and ease…

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Cooperative Learning in School

Cooperative learning in school has been around for decades, but it never attracted the same prominence as differentiated or blended learning. Although some people find cooperative learning confusing, it’s undeniably an effective and powerful teaching strategy.  But what is cooperative learning, and how does it work? Here’s everything you need to know about cooperative learning…

Encouraging Spanish at home by asking how to say things in Spanish

Encouraging Spanish at Home

In order to ensure that your child gets the maximum benefits from our Spanish immersion program, practicing one’s skills at home and after graduation is very important! At first, kids might be shy to speak Spanish at home because they might not feel it is a space to do so. Practicing Spanish requires consistency, patience,…

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Tips for Better Napping Time at Home

Napping is a vital component of early development. Children under five require anywhere from 10-17 hours of sleep depending on their age. We do everything we can to encourage restful sleep so our children can retain new knowledge from all the new experiences they are having. Being that we have had all types of sleepers…