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The Benefits of Kindergarten Readiness

July 18, 2023

The importance of kindergarten cannot be overstated, but did you know that kindergarten readiness is equally important for your child? Kindergarten readiness envelops a wide range of social, developmental, and academic skills, so finding the right program to help your child thrive and grow is essential. 

Casa de Corazón is your family’s second home with heart. Read on as we discuss the primary benefits of kindergarten readiness and how to prepare your child for kindergarten.

What is Kindergarten Readiness? 

The term kindergarten readiness addresses a child’s readiness for traditional kindergarten. When evaluating a child’s readiness to move into kindergarten, educators and parents should work together and look at a range of skills: 

  • Health and physical skills (such as gross and fine motor skills)
  • Social and emotional development 
  • Ability to follow instructions 
  • Language and math skills 

Children should continue to make appropriate progress with minimal frustration and an eagerness to learn and improve. 

Why is Kindergarten Readiness Important? 

Kindergarten readiness is important because it predicts how well a child will handle the demands of kindergarten. The changes can be overwhelming, but a child who exhibits readiness will have more success. 

Top Benefits of Kindergarten Readiness

How vital is kindergarten readiness? There are numerous benefits of kindergarten readiness and developing the skills needed for succeeding in a kindergarten classroom.

Easier Transition into Kindergarten

kindergarten is fun and engaging when a child is ready, but the transition can be difficult for even the most excited and prepared child. New classrooms and teachers, larger classes, longer school days, and a more demanding schedule and curriculum can quickly overwhelm a child. However, a child who can unpack their own backpack, use the restroom independently, and follow instructions well will adapt well to a new environment. A student that is used to a classroom environment will not be as overstimulated by a room full of children and learning centers as a student who never attended preschool. 

Fosters Independence

When children are given the skills to succeed in kindergarten, they can be more independent at earlier ages. Some of these readiness skills include: 

  • Self-control
  • Focus
  • Persistence 
  • Curiosity 
  • Following one and two-step instructions
  • Bathroom skills, including hand-washing, independence using the toilet, etc. 

Being able to focus on their assignments or do tasks independently will reduce frustration and give them a sense of accomplishment. 

Promotes Success From the First Day of School

The first day of kindergarten is a big deal for children, and having the necessary readiness skills can make it more successful. When children are emotionally ready for kindergarten, they are less likely to have separation anxiety or get overstimulated. Preparing children for kindergarten through developmentally appropriate skills will make their first day memorable in a good way! 

How to Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten

Preparing a child for kindergarten is a multi-faceted approach. At home, parents can work on a variety of skills, from daily reading to taking turns and sharing. However, choosing a preschool or a Pre-K program that is intentionally designed to foster kindergarten readiness through a developmentally appropriate curriculum is an excellent way to complement your efforts. When a program is designed to respect a child’s natural curiosities while helping them grow into respectful, well-rounded students who are eager for learning, the transition to kindergarten is easy! 

Enroll in Bilingual Preschool at Casa de Corazón Today! 

Casa de Corazón accommodates infants through preschool ages with multiple locations providing early learning programs that foster learning, cultural appreciation, social awareness, and kindergarten readiness. Our immersion-style preschool helps children grow their cognitive, social, emotional, and developmental skills through enriching activities and a unique bilingual curriculum. To schedule a tour or discuss your child’s future, contact us today! 

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