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Why is the Miami Area a Great Place to Start a Casa Franchise?

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March 24, 2022

In today’s post for our series where we discuss how a city’s culture and values align with ours, we will highlight the Miami area. Miami natives were excited to share what their culture is like and thought that a Casa childcare franchise would fit in perfectly. 

How Does the Miami Area’s Culture Align with Casa’s?

Read about things the Miami area already does that embrace our the core values we have in our childcare franchise network. Things such as having a mentality of gratefulness, highlighting and uplifting other cultures, and emphasizing the need for bilingualism.

Living Whole-Heaterdly

Miami has a fun culture and when we mentioned this core value, Miami natives could not agree more. People in this area are warm and strive to make their community welcoming. Family values are deeply rooted in Miami due to a strong Cuban influence. Because individuals from Cuban descent express gratitude for living in the United States, and all the opportunities they now have, other people are inspired by this mentality. 


Miami is home to a large Latinx community with almost half of the population speaking English and Spanish. Thus, being bilingual is a must. There are individuals who want to teach Spanish because they are proud and wish to share their culture, who want their children to also be bilingual, or who don’t speak Spanish but don’t want their children to be limited. Many jobs require speaking Spanish to better serve the community and all the people who travel to the Miami area. 

Life-Changing Innovation

The Miami area is home to a large and growing population, thus creating efficient solutions that are user friendly is what businesses in the area strive for. They are constantly looking at how they can better serve their people and will listen to their feedback.  

Perpetual Growth

People want to see other’s thrive in the area and are excited to hear successful stories. Many children of individuals who came to the United States for a better life want to give back to their families and community for supporting them. This area acknowledges that we should embrace diversity, be curious, and seek new experiences. 

Pioneering Interculturality

Around 40% of people in the Miami area were born outside of the United States. People feel proud and comfortable to celebrate their culture and celebrate their uniqueness. Miami has a constant cycle of highlighting different cultures, therefore attracting more people and repeating. Families in this area are happy they can enjoy authentic experiences without having to travel. 

casa childcare franchise teachers holding up their own flags from latin america.
Healthy and Holistic Impact

This area makes sure to support one another and see if their neighbors are doing well. They offer community resources designed to elevate people and to educate the public on their neighbors. The Miami area also focuses on ocean conservation to allow people in the years to come to enjoy beaches safely. 

Extended Family

People in Miami embrace this by being welcoming, taking care of each other, seeking new connections, being respectful, and being joyful with each other. 

Now that we have shown some of the ways Miami’s culture aligns with our core values, read how we embrace them at Casa everyday! Make sure to read our previous post to learn about Advantages of Owning a Casa for Any Community. 

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