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Meet Tammy: Casa Financial Administrator

meet tammy
March 31, 2022

This week we enjoyed interviewing Tammy, our Financial Administrator. Tammy has been working at Casa for four and a half years. She began her time at Casa as the administrative assistant at Maple Grove where she had hands-on experience working at a Casa center. She was able to view how a center operated, the obstacles in implementing new policies/procedures, and the importance of each role. Tammy has loved working at Casa because it is a company that values individuals and treats them with respect. Read how Tammy supports each franchise and her inside tips for being successful!

What is something you would consider yourself to be an expert in?

I would say I am an expert in what a Casa center should look like, the ideal finances, how to achieve them, and also problem solving issues at the center. 

How do you assist the franchisees? 

I love supporting franchisees because they are all a little different. When they are getting ready to open I help them set up various things. I help them with their bookkeeping, accounts, communicating their goals, showing proper reporting, and setting up their tuition. Once they are open, I provide financial feedback on a monthly basis, letting them know if things are looking normal, and I will always provide my advice when they ask for it because I want to assure them that I’m here to support their business.

Why do a monthly financial feedback report?

We do this as good practice and to help out owners who might not have a strong financial background. The monthly financial feedback also allows us to increase the owners financial literacy, getting them up to speed on the business side of the childcare industry, and teaching them how to manage their finances. 

What are some things people should consider before franchising?

They need to consider their initial investment, but this number should not be something that turns them away. I would suggest considering possible investors. They should also consider what type of impact they want to have on their local and international community. At Casa, it is part of who we are to help lift each other up so looking into what you want your center to be involved in would be something else to consider as they move along in the process. 

What are some recommendations you would give a new franchise owner in order to succeed in their new venture?

I think to be successful you must have a multi-focus on your employees, families, and operation. Also an owner should always look at their finances, make sure they understand them, and get the support they need. Our franchise owners love being involved in so many aspects of their company. I think that has also contributed to their success.

What are some important finances to collect before thinking about franchising?

I would suggest knowing one’s personal finances, knowing your net worth, and thinking of possible investors or other banking relationships. 

What are some tips for making sure a new owner stays inside their budget? 

Our company follows the EOS model. In it there is a thing called a Scorecard which is a document that tracks weekly numbers that give an accurate pulse on your company. I would suggest the owner implements this. It’s a great way to keep an eye on things and see the actuals versus the predictions in real time. Monthly reports and making a strict budget are also very important because then you will not only do yearly reporting and will always be looking back.

What are some benefits you have seen for those who open a franchise?

I have seen how fulfilled they feel when they realize that they have, within only the first year of opening, changed the lives of 30 employees and 150 families for the better. In the first year, a Casa will have made an impact on national and international communities. Thanks to their philanthropy and sustainability efforts, they are helping our world. It is amazing to see when they realize how much they have done to give back!

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