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How to Teach Cultural Diversity to Preschoolers

July 19, 2023

Children are observant and perceptive and quickly point out the similarities and differences among people. Even preschoolers can learn to appreciate a wide range of diversity in their classmates, neighbors, and community members. Supportive families and educators can help nourish the exploration of cultural awareness by engaging in diversity activities for kids, which encourages children to understand and accept the beauty, uniqueness, and diversity in their lives. 

Casa de Corazón provides early childhood bilingual education to families in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Read on as we discuss how to teach the values of cultural diversity to preschool students.

What is Diversity? 

When teaching diversity to preschoolers, it’s important to help them understand its meaning. A simple diversity definition for kids is that diversity is the differences between two or more things or people. Give specific examples. 

For instance, when discussing diversity in people, adults can help children explore hair color, eye color, ranges of skin color, age, religion, and other differences.

Avoid the Tourist Approach to Diversity Learning

Some preschools only approach diversity when holidays or special events allow for easy lesson plans. Learning how different cultures celebrate major holidays gives children a quick glimpse into another culture. However, this is called a tourist approach because it only gives a small, generalized picture of another culture by exploring some traditions for a limited time. Instead, diversity activities for children should be ongoing and allow children to explore the broad range of diversity around them. 

Diversity Learning Activities for Children (And All Ages) 

When creating a comprehensive curriculum, there are many diverse activities for kids and enrichment activities that can utilize the knowledge and experiences of family members and the community. 

Studying and Creating Art from Other Cultures

The visual and creative nature of art has a way of connecting people through a culture’s values. Educators can hang artwork from other cultures in the classroom, discussing it throughout the year. Arts and crafts are a fun, hands-on way to bring culture into the classroom and the home. For instance, the Japanese papercraft of origami develops fine motor skills, while paper mache maracas explore art, culture, and music when learning about Latin cultures. 

Travel the World, Virtually

Frequent trips are not always feasible or practical in a classroom of younger students. Technology allows children to go on virtual field trips and explore the world at any time. Preview videos and pictures, and then share different houses, farmers’ markets, cultural dances, and other cultural elements to show how people live in other parts of the world. 

Explore Different Neighborhoods in Your Community 

One simple way for parents and caregivers to explore diversity closer to home is to visit different neighborhoods. Driving through a culturally diverse area or visiting an ethnic restaurant or store is a simple way for children to notice differences among their neighbors. 

Integrate with People from Other Cultures

Another easy but profound way to help your child understand other cultures is by integrating them with children from different backgrounds. A diverse classroom and a dual-language learning environment offer many opportunities for exploring, understanding, and acceptance of others and their differences. 

Find a Program That Embraces Cultural Diversity

A gentle yet intentional curriculum that promotes cultural diversity and social awareness is a great way to ensure your child has a deep respect and appreciation for other cultures and the diversity of their classmates. The bilingual programs at Casa de Corazón are designed for cultural awareness, Kindergarten readiness, and developing an overall love of learning. 

Enroll in Bilingual Preschool at Casa de Corazón Today! 

If you are looking for a bilingual preschool that values the individuality and diversity of our students, Casa de Corazón is the right place for your child! Contact us today to learn more about our infant, toddler, preschool, and pre-k programs or to schedule a tour. With multiple locations, you will indeed find a home away from home for your child. 

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